Today, we’re talking about every toker’s treasure trove – a stash box.

The weed smoker’s toolkit has changed. Cannabis culture has long supported the use of weed accessories such as grinders, rollies, and filters. But as cannabis technologies continue to evolve, so too must the tools and equipment that tokers have to carry. 

What once began as maybe a pocket-sized grinder, a pack of rollies, and some filters. Has since changed to involve many more tools. To be ready to sesh at a moment’s notice and hide your high afterwards if the need arises, you need to have a box pre-filled with the essentials that are ready to go when you are.

We’re going over all things stash box, and if you don’t know what they are. Don’t have one yourself, or are just plain curious about what the heck actually goes into a stash box, stay tuned. The Herb Approach team will break down some of our favourite additions and why you should make one yourself!

What is a Stash Box?

what is a stash box

A stash box is any container that’s used to store your weed, smoking supplies, and any other accessories you need to enjoy a good sesh. 

The design, materials, shape, and size of a stash box will vary from place to place and person to person. But, they will ultimately contain all the personal smoking accoutrements you need to smoke right down to your favourite brands. 

Stash boxes aren’t just used to store smoking supplies and accessories, however. They’re also designed to trap the dank weed smell inside! Stash box materials can range from wood and bamboo to plastic and metal and everything in between. 

As more and more casual consumers enter the weed market, craft artisans and big corporations alike are beginning to design, create, and produce stash boxes to fit every level of cannabis consumer.

No matter what your stash box is made of or where it comes from. The box itself isn’t as important as the contents within. Here’s our list of the 5 things we love to include in our stash box to give you an idea if and when you decide to build your own!

What to Put Inside Your Stash Box

Your Weed

This one’s a no-brainer. If you have a stash box and don’t store your weed inside, what’s the point of having a stash box in the first place?

With a stash box, no longer will you have to suffer from dried out or mouldy weed. Stash boxes are large, and it’s possible to make use of the large capacity to place some storage containers inside to house your dried flower.

Want to learn how to keep weed fresh? Besides reading our guide, one of the best ways to maximize your top-shelf ganja’s shelf life is to store it in opaque glass containers. Throwing in a few silicone packets or flower humidifier packs will also help prevent mould from forming over time. 

With proper storage protocols in place, you can easily store up to a quarter or even an ounce of weed if your stash box is big enough! Whether you’re riding solo or throwing a party, you’ll always have fresh weed on deck ready to go!

Rolling Essentials

stash box and rolling essentials

Know how to roll a joint? Fancy yourself a joint artisan? Well, you won’t be rolling anything without the proper rolling essentials in place! 

Rolling papers and filters are essential for any ol’ fashioned smoke sesh. However, when you have a stash box, you can really get creative and personalize your smoking experience to fit the taste of you and your friends.

King-sized papers are great for parties, and Juicy Jays are perfect for those times when you just want to enjoy something sweet with your weed. Have a health nut friend? Unbleached, organic rice papers are your best bet. Have a purist who won’t settle for anything less than the best? You can’t go wrong with zig-zags

Whichever papers you choose to include in your stash box, the point is that you have the creative freedom to include more than just one type of paper and filter. Size is your only constraint, so you feel free to go ham with whatever you need to roll a joint! 

Three Chambered Grinder

stash box and grinder

Say goodbye to mini, loonie-sized grinders and say hello to metal, 3-chambered grinders. 

You have a stash box, so there’s no excuse to hold on to that dinky plastic grinder you got at your local head shop years ago. You’re smoking in the big leagues now. In order to respect the sesh, you need a weed grinder that’s worthy of the occasion.

Three chamber grinders are great and should be standard issue for tokers and stoners everywhere. Unlike dual-chambered or single-chambered grinders, 3-chamber grinders allow for a finer grind and have a sieve-like net at the bottom to help capture all the kief that could potentially fall through.

This kief can be added onto your joints for an extra THC kick or saved over a long period of time and compressed into hash pucks. 

A small grinder made sense when you had to carry your rolling essentials and weed in your pockets or bag at all times. With a stash box, there’s no excuse not to splurge for a quality grinder! 

Hide Your High Necessities

smoking weed

Ok, weed is legal in Canada, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is cool with you blazing up. If you’re visiting a relative for dinner or have company over those who don’t particularly approve of cannabis or your consumption of it. Having the tools on hand necessary to help you pretend you’re sober is essential.

Learning how to hide your high is easy, but you also need to be prepared in order to do it successfully. 

Eye drops, breath mints, and hand sanitizer are all great additions to include into any stash box. It could help you out if you’re in a pinch. They’ll fix your red-eye, get rid of your dank and rank post-sesh breath, and help eliminate the lingering smell of weed that might cling to your clothes after blazing up. 

If you like storing your smoking essentials in your car or have a favourite sesh spot that you like to drive up to and visit. Then, having these in your stash box could save you from judgmental and condescending glares after you finish smoking! 

Pipes, Bubblers, and One-Hitters

weed pipes

Sometimes, a joint is just not enough.

Don’t get us wrong, a joint is as timeless as the smoking weed of itself, but there’s something about smoking a bowl that just hits you differently, you know? 

Depending on how large your stash box is, including a mini pipe. A small bubbler, or even a one-hitter inside is a big brain move. Yeah, you might be an expert at hand-rolling joints.However, if you’re in a rush to hit that first post-work or after-school sesh. Sometimes rolling can be a hassle.

Pipes and bubblers cut down on the time it takes to enjoy everyone’s favourite plant. As well as, being easier to control your weed dosage with a pipe or a bubbler than it is with a joint! 

Stash Box – All the Essentials in One Place

There you have it! The ultimate guide to what to include in your stash box to ensure a great sesh.

By now, you likely understand the sheer necessity and advantage that having a thoroughly stacked stash box entails. Whether you’re toking at home or setting out on an epic adventure with friends, having a fully-functioning stash box is essential in ensuring a successful sesh. 

If you can’t afford to stock your supply all at once, that’s okay, too! The beauty of a stash box is that you can add to it over time. Covet the ultimate selection of paraphernalia that best suits your particular weed needs.

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So, what are you waiting for? Check it out today!

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