Super Silver Haze is an absolute legend in the cannabis world. In the 90’s you could say that it was top in its class.

A Cannabis Cup heavyweight in its own ranks, taking home countless crowns on its way to immortality. The brainchild of Shantibaba and Neville, Super Silver Haze is approximately half Original Haze, 25% Northern Lights #5 and 25% Skunk #1. Bringing in a full flavour of spice, skunky and citrus.

What are the Effects of Super Silver Haze?

super silver haze

Super Silver Haze will make its users jump for joy. As king of the sativa’s you’re going to get a very cerebral effecting flower. You may not gain in attention span but your thought process will have a deep and more profound understanding of the topic at hand. Along with profound thoughts, consumers often find colours brighten and sounds sharpen up. A euphoria laced strain, patients often are left with an overall uplifting and happy feeling that lasts for hours.

For those dealing with fatigue, Super Silver Haze is known as a very energetic strain. Most users feel an overwhelming desire to start physical activity once consumed. Try replacing your coffee and espresso with super silver. The comedown is a lot more gentle than the caffeine and won’t leave you with the “crashing” feeling associated with caffeinated beverages.

Super Silver Haze is a great strain for all those looking to medicate during the day. An easy sativa on the mind and body that doesn’t negatively affect productivity or focus at the office. Patients that suffer from depression and anxiety often find this strain effective in alleviating their symptoms.

Don’t let mental health issues and symptoms stop from you living and enjoying your life. Alleviate symptoms of stress and depression with this sativa.

Flavours: Sweet, Earthy, Citrus

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic, Relaxed

Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches