Ever heard of the term “wake and bake” or the iconic “smoke weed everyday” hook from Snoop Dog and Dr.Dre’s song “The Next Episode?”

It has been estimated that roughly 8.4 million Americans smoke weed everyday to help with various issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, on top of recreationally. 

It begs the question, how good is smoking weed everyday? What are the long term effects? Are there any benefits?

For some, sparking up may be a daily ritual that is here to stay, but for others, smoking weed may be an activity reserved for special occasions. Of course, it all depends on who you are and what you’re trying to achieve by consuming cannabis. 

Still, memes and humour aside, there are actually many long-term and short-term benefits of regular weed use. With a long history of demonization and generalized negative attitudes towards marijuana, it can be safe to assume that many people view cannabis in a negative light. 

Since there is such a stigma attached to weed, it’s crucial for us to not only outline the truth about it but also for you to understand the full weight of its pros and cons properly. Bud can be an excellent therapeutic option for everyday use, but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

If you’re wondering how cannabis can affect you and whether it is worth pursuing or not, keep on reading. In this article, we’re going to be covering the positives and negatives of smoking weed everyday. 

Without any further delay, let’s jump right in!

Should You Smoke Weed Every Day?

should you smoke weed everyday

The recent legalization of cannabis in many regions across North America has helped propel the research of its effects. Thanks to these advancements and discoveries, people are becoming more well-informed about the plant’s true nature. 

Whether you are pro-weed or not, there is no refuting the evidence of its potential medicinal value.

In fact, cannabis has been suggested to produce fewer side effects and improved results than many man-made pharmaceuticals on the market. 

Ultimately, there is no one size fits all answer for whether you should smoke weed everyday. Unfortunately, personal health issues are a bit more complicated than that. At 

When it comes down to it, the impacts of smoke weed everyday depend on the individual, their response and tolerance level for weed, what they are looking to get out of it, and whether or not they are willing to deal with the downsides of consuming it daily.

To help familiarize you with the pros and cons commonly associated with weed, we’ve created a list of some of the most common and noticeable short term and long term effects of daily use. 

Smoking Every Day- The Positives

Energizing Effects

Contrary to popular belief, weed can actually be energizing to the people consuming it. While modern media portrays cannabis to give users a lazy couch-locked vibe with a mad case of the munchies, sativa strains of cannabis are known to produce the opposite effects

These particular cannabis strains are renowned for their focusing effects, which can actually help diminish appetite and enhance creativity, largely due to the cannabinoid THCV which is found in large quantities in sativa strains of cannabis.

Neuroprotective Properties

weed for brain health

For the longest time, marijuana was believed to be a mind-eating substance that would deteriorate the brain until you were basically a vegetable. 

We’re glad to say that this claim couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

In fact, smoking weed has been linked to the protection of the brain, helping to fight against life-altering brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

An Effective Alternative To Opioids

As you’ve likely already heard, North America is currently struggling with an opioid epidemic that is consuming countless lives on a daily basis. 

One of the worst parts is that many people actually rely on opioids to treat medical issues such as chronic pain, which medical marijuana can combat reasonably effectively

Unfortunately, these opioids are effective, although they bring a nasty grab bag of side effects, something that weed has a lower risk of developing.

Weight Loss

thcv weight loss

Again, it may come as a surprise to those ill-informed about weed, but certain strains can serve to help suppress appetite and assist in weight loss

In fact, the prevalence of obesity in cannabis users is much lower compared to those who don’t use the herb. 

Cannabis may be an option worth considering for weight loss or the prevention of diabetes.

Enhanced Creativity

Cannabis has been used for generations by some of the world’s greatest artists, visual and otherwise, to facilitate creativity.  

The herb is thought to cause divergent thinking, the type of non-linear thought process that can help link information together that the user would otherwise not associate.  

However, take this notion with a grain of salt. Cannabis can affect individuals differently depending on a variety of factors, including brain chemistry and individual physiology.

Smoke Weed Everyday? The Potential Negatives

Slight Impact on Short Term and Verbal Memory

A study analyzing 3500 Americans over the last 25 years found that, on average, those who admitted to smoke weed everyday had a slight negative impact on both short-term and verbal memory by the time they had reached their middle age. 

It is also important to note that problem-solving abilities were unaffected. 

Potential For Addiction

Regardless of what you may hear, cannabis can be addictive

Although not causing a physical dependency like many harder drugs like crystal meth or heroin, those who smoke weed everyday may be at higher risk for developing a psychological dependence

Of course, this depends on the particular individual and their specific response to weed.

Possible Diminished Sexual and Reproductive Health

smoke weed everyday effects

Research on this subject tends to be all over the place, but to smoke weed everyday could lead to lower testosterone levels and reduced sperm count, resulting in fertility issues. 

On top of this, the carbon monoxide consumed from smoking marijuana may be harmful to pregnant women.

However, weed can add a fun element to spice things up in the bedroom when used appropriately and in moderation. 

Potential Drop in IQ For Adolescent Users

Although there is limited evidence on this topic, it has been suggested that heavy usage during adolescent years, like smoke weed everyday, could potentially lead to a drop in IQ points

However, marijuana use that is engaged in beyond the teenage years seems to have no impact on IQ.

Cannabis Benefits Without Smoking?


While it may not be the best idea to smoke weed everyday, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t reap the benefits of weed through other consumption methods. 

Smoking daily may potentially lead to adverse health side effects associated with the action of smoking itself and the possible inhalation of harsh smoke, tar, and harmful carcinogens

However, luckily for us, there are countless other ways to enjoy the effects and benefits of cannabis outside of this tried and true traditional method.

The variety of products available on the market today presents options for all breeds of tokers to suit their individual weed needs. 

There are tons of smoke and THC-free alternatives that allow users to experience the physical healing effects of cannabis without the psychoactive elements by utilizing the power of CBD in products such as CBD tinctures, CBD gummies and CBD e-juice

For example, the CBD tinctures from Hooti Extracts contain broad-spectrum CBD extract suspended in premium MCT oil and natural fruit flavours for blazers to conveniently and accurately dose CBD to experience the physical benefits without the mental effects. 

So, tokers can take solace in the fact that, even if they can’t smoke weed everyday, they have an abundance of other options to get their daily dose. 

Smoke Weed Everyday – One of Many Choices 

So, should you smoke weed everyday? Ultimately, there is no one specific definitive answer. The real answer is, it depends. 

It’s important to keep in mind that much like any other mind-altering substance, weed is potentially addictive, and while weed may not cause signs of physical dependency, there is a psychological aspect that is often overlooked. 

In order to truly determine whether or not smoking weed every day will benefit you, you’ll have to make a personal assessment based on your current state of mind, your needs, as well as where you’d like to be, and how you’re going to get there. 

Think of weed simply as a tool to get there. Like many other things in life, there are pros and cons to everything. However, it is essential to state that there are many alternatives to smoke weed everyday to get your dose of righteous reefer. 

Whichever item you choose, be sure that the products you purchase come from a reputable source and licensed dispensary to ensure the highest quality possible. 

Ultimately it is up to you to decide. Good luck.

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