Sasquatch Sap is an interesting sativa dominant hybrid. Featuring an onset heady high that trickles down the body. Sasquatch Sap is a cross of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel, creating a mind stimulating high that relieves stress and anxiety.

What is Sasquatch Sap Used For?

This strain has been designed to alleviate mental stress and fatigue. It produces an intense state of clarity that is exceptional for focusing on tasks at hand when they need an extra level of depth and perception.

If you’re looking for a smooth, chocolaty, experience look no further. Promoting a chocolate pallet that produces an exceptional flavour profile for the cannabis connoisseur. Medium-sized light green buds showcase a plethora of amber hairs.

Sasquatch Sap is a great strain to pair with psychical activity, before and after. The light body numbing effects decrease soreness in muscles from running or weight training. The clarity allows for a feeling of “being in the zone” and achieving a heightened sense of connectivity to the activity. With the added sense of relaxation and mental clarity, many consumers find themselves drawn to the outdoors and activities such as hiking.

Averaging at 15% THC, you’re getting a strain that is packed with medicinal effects. For patients with anxiety and depression this strain brings an overall state of ease. Creating a stress free reality for those who are struggling with these issues.

Thanks to the energy-boosting properties, those dealing with chronic fatigue will gain an exceptional boost of energy that will carry through the day. Don’t be shy to recommend Sasquatch Sap to anyone suffering from these crippling symptoms.

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