Looking to purchase marijuana? Are you confused about whether to get weed from an online marijuana dispensary or from a local pot shop?

Of course, you will want to know what place gives you a better deal. Of course, each place has its own drawbacks too. But the good thing is that you can purchase marijuana legally in both places, and choosing is simply a matter of choice and lifestyle.

So now, we will discuss which among the two is better on three things: quality of weed, prices, and convenience.

Online Marijuana Dispensary vs. Storefront Dispensary

The Quality

The quality of marijuana will always differ depending on where you get your product. Both online marijuana dispensaries and local storefront dispensaries will sell weed that can range from mediocre bud to top-shelf marijuana.

Mail Order Marijuana

  • Advantages – Getting lots of reviews and honest opinions of the products. A wider selection of edibles and other CBD/THC infused products. Usually, a wider selection of products available online vs storefront dispensaries as edibles are prohibited from behind sold in stores.
  • Disadvantages – Will not get to feel and smell the weed to make a personal judgement until you have actually ordered it.

There have been reviews by customers that complain they have not received the product as advertised. Be safe and only buy weed online from sites that have very good reviews and with a record of providing good service to its customers.


  • Advantages – Smell the weed, feel the weed, get some reviews from the budtenders and other shoppers in store.
  • Disadvantages – reviews and opinions are limited to the number of people in the store.  Also most of the times budtenders will only have good things to say about the product as they want you to buy.

Dispensaries allow you to select and choose cannabis in person, so you are very sure you get what you pay for.

The Price

Most online marijuana dispensaries will have more consistent pricing than storefront dispensaries. The reason for this will be because the mail order marijuana shops will be located in one particular place. Storefront dispensaries’ prices may depend on their location, as the cost of the product may be different in different areas.

Online dispensaries will tend to have a more balanced price, as the overhead for mail order marijuana places are fixed compared to traditional store front dispensaries. You might find that your favorite strain may be cheaper online compared to your local dispensary.

The only issue when ordering online is that you have to pay for shipping charges. Many online marijuana dispensaries will offer FREE SHIPPING if you reach a certain threshold. This may attract more customers to purchase marijuana online than having to go to a dispensary to get the same product.

Therefore, if the price is your issue you may be able to get a better deal on weed by diligently hunting on mail order marijuana stores. Don’t just buy from any online store just because they have cheap weed. Remember to do your research, and always ask questions.

The Convenience

If you are looking for convenience, then ordering weed from a mail order site is better for you. You do not need to drive and go physically to the store, no more waiting, or doing paperwork. As long as you have the papers and you purchase from trustworthy online sources, you can have good quality weed delivered to your place.

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The Verdict

If you are looking to get weed instantly then buying from a dispensary might be better for you. Most customers might purchase their daily smoke, and edibles through an online marijuana dispensary, and whenever they are looking for something quick and convenient they will visit their local dispensary.

Mail order weed is usually a good choice for people who are too busy, too lazy, or too stoned to go to a dispensary.