A kief box is an awesome way to save some of that delicious kief that falls off your buds when you grind it.

While many people just let it sit there or even go to waste, there are tons of methods to re-use those little crystals.

Don’t get caught with your tail between your legs when your friends ask if you got any kief for the joint!

What is Kief?

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Originally an Arabic word, “Kif” is derived from the word ‘Kayf’, which means well-being and pleasure.

Kief is a fine powder that comes from trichomes found on the leaves. It contains a high concentration of the psychoactive chemical or THC that causes euphoric feelings or an opium-like high that can last for hours.

Kief is also called crystal or pollen. The quality of kief depends on the quality of the marijuana plant.

What is a Kief Box?

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Otherwise known as a pollen press, the tiny holes in the screens allow the tiny crystal part of the marijuana, the kief, the pass-through all the way to the bottom of the box where it lands safely in a padded tray.

The trays are removable, for both cleaning and the gathering of the kief, and most have magnetic closures to keep the lid and tray tightly sealed.

But shaking the kief box, your weed is in a sense shifted until only the purest and most powerful part of the buds remain.

The multi-tray system sifts larger pieces to smaller pieces to the bottom until only golden dust remains in the collection tray.

How to Use a Kief Box

Place the weed in the top tier, close the lid, and shake the box.

Each time that you shake the box, the kief falls from the plant and through to the next screen. Each time you shake the box, the more kief collects in the bottom tray.

Once you notice the tray is not filling up any longer, bag the kief and drop it in the freezer for storage while you load up the box again.

Since it produces a fine powder, in order to get the best results you must load the kief box with only dry herb.

If your herb is moist, it will clog the screens and you will have a difficult time producing enough of the golden powder to smoke.

When you load the box with dry herb, you extend the life of the screens too. If your weed is too moist, place it in a brown paper bag overnight and you will be ready to go tomorrow.

The paper sucks the moisture from the weed and gives you great starting material.

What to Do With Your Kief After?

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It all depends on what your heart desires.

Turning your kief into hash is a really good way of preserving and introducing another cannabis product into your regimen.

Full melt hash is fairly easy to make if you have a good quantity of kief in your collection. If you’d like to take advantage of your kief box collection differently, simply add kief to a joint.

If you really want to keep it simple, simply take a pinch of kief and add it to your pipe. Be careful as this will basically be a 100% THC hit!

Whatever you choose to do with your kief box collection is up to you, but there’s no wrong way to spice it up!

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