If you’ve ever been involved in cannabis, then you’ll know about the plentiful consumption methods available. But did you know, that no matter the type of product, every consumable substance will have a window of time where it’s most safe and effective to use? 

Even for cannabidiol products, better known as CBD.  It comes in just as many varieties and forms as THC does. If you do take this non-psychoactive component to relax and de-stress, then you may be pondering the question of how to store CBD. 

What are the proper storage conditions for CBD products? How should you store them as to best prolong their shelf life? Should CBD oil be refrigerated and what about CBD oil shelf life?

 Stay with us while we break down the best practices of how to store CBD.

What’s The Shelf Life of CBD?


This is known as a product’s shelf life. Given the variety of forms CBD oil can come in and the varying formulas and recipes used by different manufacturers, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how long a CBD product’s shelf life is.

How to store CBD? The general guidelines for storing CBD oil product is said to range anywhere from 14 months to 24 months, depending on how well it’s stored.

After 2 years, the product will most likely be rancid and no longer effective.

How Can You Tell if CBD is No Longer Working?

Rancid and spoiled CBD will run the risk of its cannabinoids and other constituent compounds degrading over time. However, this doesn’t mean that your CBD oil product will be harmful or unsafe for consumption. But it does mean that its potency and effectiveness will degrade.

Visually, it’s not too difficult to tell when CBD oil has gone rancid. Depending on the product, you might be able to tell that it’s no longer “fresh” through its changed appearance and/or smell.

In liquid form, a CBD oil product that has gone bad will usually appear to be darker and cloudier than usual. For an oil product, the separation of the contents of the oil will tell visually tell you that your CBD product is no longer properly mixed and will no longer be effective. If you’re still not sure, then the best way to know is by smelling and tasting – a spoiled CBD oil product will both smell and taste bad.

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Storing CBD Oil


Should CBD oil be refrigerated? Although it’s not required, CBD oil can also be refrigerated. This can act to prolong the shelf life of your CBD but may result in a slightly thicker product than what you’re used to. 

Storing CBD Edibles

How to store CBD edibles? CBD edibles can be stored like any baked goods or candy. Silicone containers work well to minimize moisture build-up while glass jars are equally as effective for room temperature storage or inside of a refrigerator. 

Your edibles can also be frozen for 6 months to a year, depending on the type of edible it is. Be mindful that excess air should be removed to prevent moisture buildup. If frozen, be sure to defrost your edible slowly in the refrigerator as rapid temperature drops can spoil your product. 

Storing CBD Concentrates

Storing CBD concentrates isn’t that different from storing CBD edibles. But it’s worth mentioning that silicone containers are a short-term storage solution and should not be used for long-term storage. Similarly with concentrates, ideally you’d also want an airtight container for the long-term. 

When it comes to tinctures, they can be stored in the fridge or in a cool, dark place in a sterilized glass dropper bottle. Properly sealed and stored, these products can keep for well over 6 months. 

Storing CBD Flower

Wondering how to store CBD flower? CBD flower should be stored in a mason jar rather than a plastic bag due to its ability to keep things airtight and its durable glass packaging. In comparison, ziplock bags can become damaged with ease – small rips in the plastic can allow air to enter the bag, ruining its airtight capabilities. Mason jars won’t damage as easily and if you’re using a colored or dark-tinted jar, it’ll also minimize exposure to air and UV light. 

Storing CBD E-Juice

As with any e-liquid, the best way to store CBD e-juice is in a cool, dark place. Make sure to keep this product away from direct sunlight and other extreme heat sources. 

Storing Topicals

Store CBD topicals as you would with any topical, lotion or cream. Ensure that the product is not coming into direct contact with excessive amounts of heat, light or moisture. A cool and dark such as a drawer is best.

How to Store CBD Explained

Armed with this knowledge, we hope that the question of “how to store CBD” has been successfully answered. Remember, exposure to extreme elements, temperature fluctuations or moisture can only serve to spoil your product. With all of the various forms that CBD can take, storage in a cool, dark and dry place is key. 

Whichever form your CBD comes in, all of these products can be stored using containers that you might already have on-hand anyway. 

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