Cannabis is having a sort of medical renaissance at the moment, blossoming as an alternative to medications that are much more harmful to our bodies and livers. Which has led to a plethora of research going into what makes this plant tick. So, how long does weed last?

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Well, that all depends on how fast you go through your stash. In all serious though, cannabis has multiple ways it can affect our bodies. Judging how long does weed last is tricky, because it changes, from the way it’s been consumed, the strain, the amount and your tolerance will all affect the way your body reacts to marijuana.

At the moment though we’re going to assume this is your first time or your tolerance has been brought back down to as if you were a newbie. The effects of cannabis can be felt very quickly when vaporized or smoked, often within minutes. THC that’s been taken in through the lungs is delivered to the brain receptors rather quickly. Versus ingesting an edible, which may take 30 to 90 minutes until the effects can be felt.

how long does weed last

Depending on the potency or strain of your cannabis, the effects may not become pronounced at all. High CBD strains such as Charlotte’s Web or Harlequin may leave users feeling like they were “ripped off” by not getting the psychoactive effects they’re used to from cannabis. The reason is CBD itself is not a psychoactive property, and its use buffers the effects of THC. Consuming a high CBD strain produces tons of medical benefits, but it won’t result in the euphoria many users experience from THC.

Now that we know how long it takes for cannabis to produce some noticeable effects, how long does weed last?

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how long does weed last

When it comes to using cannabis, the method of consumption is virtually the most important. While very low-grade cannabis may have a low THC count, a novice smoker would still feel the effects quite heavily. These effects would last from 2-3 hours, while the peak would be from 30 minutes to 2 hours. While this may seem like an eternity to those who are inexperienced in dealing with a marijuana high, it blows over very quickly.

The same can’t be said about eating edibles. Although it may take a while for it to hit, and it may not hit hard right off the bat, the effects will show themselves. The high from an edible can last up to 12 hours! Some users have even reported still slightly feeling the effects the next day when a large amount of THC has been ingested.

This is why a good rule of thumb for trying out edibles is “slow and steady wins the race”. Don’t overdo it in the beginning, because once you’ve eaten that second brownie it isn’t going anywhere but straight to your liver!

It’s hard to say how long does weed last exactly, but we can have an accurate assumption of how long the effects can be felt.

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Happy trails!