For most of the last few decades, cannabis growers have been focusing on building strains of marijuana that contain higher and higher concentrations of THC. But for those looking to medicate with marijuana, then it’s high-CBD strains that you want to look out for.

High-THC strains are useful for some but not for all. They’re certainly useful for helping people get high and for treating certain types of mental and physical ailments, such as insomnia.

But THC simply doesn’t work for everyone. Strains of weed with a high THC content are known to make some people anxious, lethargic, and uncomfortable.

To clear any confusion, we’re going to take a close look at the very best of high-CBD strains which will be ideal for relieving you of stress, anxiety and pain, to start.

Difference Between High-CBD and High-THC strains

high cbd strains for anxiety

Fortunately for medical marijuana users, THC isn’t the only active compound in cannabis. Rather, many of the medical benefits of cannabis can be experienced by using weed that is high in CBD – even if they are low in THC and have no psychoactive effects.

Hybrid strains – those rich in both THC and CBD – can provide even more medical benefits.

In short, all types of marijuana are technically different. CBD-rich marijuana is, however, significantly different from high-THC and hybrid strains.


This is mostly because CBD doesn’t cause any of the serious psychoactive effects that THC can cause, aside from causing relaxation. One might think that most CBD types would be classified as an indica, since sativa strains are generally believed to be more relaxing. However, this isn’t necessarily the case – there are just about as many CBD sativas as there are indicas.

Even breeds rich in CBD can be different from each other. The difference lies in the different makeup of the chemical compounds – cannabinoids – found in the plant. In addition to the CBD THC ratio, there are a number of other different cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG that can all have a different influence on how cannabis affects users.

Research on these other cannabinoids is still in the early stages, so it can be difficult to identify exactly how they influence the weed.

But reviews and customer reports on popular strains of high-CBD weed can help you discern the differences in them.

Which High CBD Strains Should I Use for Anxiety, Migraines and Stress?

Pretty much any form of high-CBD weed will be great for helping someone work through anxiety, stress, and migraines. These medical problems can be easily dealt with through cannabis with high cannabidiol content. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Pennywise is a potent hybrid, mostly indica, that mixes Jack the Ripper with Harlequin. This is a great strain for reducing stress and anxiety and can be perfect for chilling out after a stressful day at work.
  • Harlequin is another potent strain. The cannabinoid content is about 75 percent CBD to 25 percent THC, making it great for people hoping to fight headaches. Many people find that it’s a bit easier to treat a headache when marijuana contains a small amount of THC.
  • Ringo’s Gift is another great form of CBD named after Lawrence Ringo. Lawrence Ringo is most well-known for pioneering CBD genetics and contributing a great deal of research and direction into the CBD industry. Ringo’s Gift is rich in CBD and fantastic for helping to bring about relaxation.
  • CBD Diesel is a powerful type of weed with a number of medical benefits. Its cannabinoid ratio is 1:3 THC to CBD, making it ideal for people who prefer hybrids.
  • Critical Mass is a medically oriented strain that creates the perfect balance to alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety while encouraging healthy eating habits and elevating the user’s mood to deter discouraging and negative thoughts.

Which High CBD Strains Should I Use for Pain and Muscle Spasms?

high cbd strains for pain

There are a number of strains with a high CBD content that are particularly useful for helping people work through pain and muscle spasms.

Some of the best include:

  • Charlotte’s Web. Often considered the granddaddy CBD strain, Charlotte’s Web is named after the young girl who led to CBD becoming popularized in the mainstream. The girl – Charlotte – struggled with a serious form of Dravet’s syndrome that was resistant to medication. It wasn’t until she started using CBD that her symptoms went away.
  • ACDC is another powerful strain of weed with high levels of CBD. This is a sativa-dominant strain that’s related to the Cannatonic strain, and has been proven to be very useful for helping chronic pain.
  • Sour Tsunami, a strain developed by mixing Sour Diesel and NYC diesel, is a strong, dark-green sativa that helps fight pain. Sour Tsunami is another one of the earliest types of marijuana that was bred specifically to have a low THC content, and as such is one of the most popular for people seeking medicinal benefit without getting high.
  • Cannatonic is a powerful hybrid strain that was developed to have low THC and high THC. It is particularly promising for helping to fight pain and muscle cramps. As the name implies, the strain is extremely relaxing and may be liable to make you catatonic – at least for a couple of hours.

Final Thoughts

From Pennywise to CBD Diesel to Charlotte’s Web and Cannatonic, this list of high CBD strains is only just the start. As research and advancements in production take place, cannabis horticulturists are innovating and creating new strains with unique CBD profiles with increasing speed.

And as they become available, expect us to provide you with a review and update on what their best use case scenario is! Stay tuned and best of luck on finding a CBD strain that meets your needs.

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