Forget about Cannabis 2.0 – when did Cannabis 1.0 even happen? 

If you’re confused about the slightly scientific term, that has to do with Canada’s approach to cannabis legalization. When the Canadian government legalized cannabis, they decided to do a two-step process. 

This additional time was needed to create regulations and for the government to wrap their head around modern cannabis products such as vape pens, edibles and concentrates.

Clearly, the Canadian government was shuffling their feet because these products have been around for years, able to be purchased easily and safely at online dispensaries.

What is Cannabis 2.0, how does it affect the ganja that we all enjoy and what does it mean for you as a cannabis consumer?

Cannabis 2.0 is here, so let’s get right to it!

What is Cannabis 2.0?

cannabis legalization

Cannabis 1.0, the first wave of weed legalization in Canada, occurred on October 17, 2018. 

Exactly one year later, October 17, 2019, the federal cannabis regulations were expanded for so-called “2.0 products.” 

Since then, Canadian’s can now buy the following from government dispensaries:

What Changes Does Cannabis 2.0 Bring?

The primary change that occurred as a result of cannabis legalization 2.0 is the expanded product offerings. 

While Canada began with only dried flower, seeds, and cannabis oils, this selection grew substantially. 

Some of the products are familiar like infused edibles and hash, while others are modern cannabis concentrates. Currently, this looks like vape carts, wax, shatter, and infused beverages.

These new product categories also came with new rules.

The vape carts must have a THC warning on them, edibles and beverages must have no more than 10mg of THC per package, and topicals must stick to a limited selection of approved cosmetic ingredients. 

For those already going to their computers and mobile devices to buy weed online, you might be surprised and disappointed at the THC limit placed on edibles. 

Edibles available at online dispensaries have long enjoyed potencies of 200mg of THC or more to cater to medicinal marijuana users who require higher doses. In fact, edibles in 400mg THC and even 800mg THC are also available for patients who need extreme doses.

And these aren’t the kind of edibles that one of your friends make – these are professionally crafted and extremely popular among tokers. Sugarjack’s, for example, is made with only natural flavors and sweetened with cane sugar and antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Manuka honey direct from New Zealand. 

And the worse part? Government dispensaries will charge you the same amount price as these potent, 200mg THC craft edibles as their 10mg THC edibles. 

If you’re buying edibles from a government dispensary, you will literally be paying more for less. 

And you won’t be surprised to learn that this trend continues for all of the products that Cannabis 2.0 have brought on to the scene. 

What’s New? A look at the 2.0 Products

Vape Carts

Vape Carts have basically all started with 0.5-gram carts, although we have now seen the first 1-gram offerings. We hope to see many more 1-gram carts very soon. These carts range in potency and their ingredients. 

Some companies only use cannabis-derived ingredients, while others add natural terpenes to the mix. The THC content generally ranges from 700-950 mg/g. Balanced options and those with mostly CBD, which have been available for years in online dispensaries, are also now available. 

What’s the catch?

Government dispensaries are charging as much as $7.70 per 0.1g for cartridges. That comes out to $77 for 1 gram of distillate! 

What’s the price for a comparable vape cart filled with 1 gram of THC distillate at an online dispensary?

$50, and it’s compatible with all of your vape pens.


Just like edibles, not making the decision to buy weed online is a decision to spend more money for less product. 

Hash, Shatter and Rosin

Hash is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates, but its popularity in North America has always been limited. Many consumers may finally get to try some Hash and find that they love it more than they realize.

cannabis 2.0 hash

Government dispensaries might have only 1 or 2 varieties of hash, but online dispensaries tend to carry more than 8 varieties of hash from around the world!

Rosin is a product that people love to make at home, but some of us rather just buy it. Many consumers may be motivated to learn how to make rosin at home after trying one of these smooth concentrates.

cannabis 2.0 rosin

Again, you’ll be able to find rosin at a much more agreeable price and increased variety at an online dispensary. 

Shatter is a perfect product to buy from a reputable source, and it’s something most of us will never try to make.

The options for shatter, like the edibles, hash and rosin discussed above, are currently quite limited when compared to the selection (and low price – this shatter is only $35!) that an online dispensary Canada offers. 


As mentioned, edibles can only have up to 10mg of THC per package, which is ridiculously low for regular cannabis patients and even recreational users. 

cannabis 2.0 edibles

For reference, most first-time edible users are recommended to have a dose of 2.5mg to 10mg. If you’re already a seasoned veteran then 10mg, the maximum allowed in government edibles, will barely be a drop in a bucket. 

Even if you aren’t somebody with a high tolerance, you sure wouldn’t want to pay more than you had to for a product. 

cherry cola edibles 200mg THC

This package of edibles contains 200mg of THC per package with 20mg of THC per gummy and is only $13 at the time of this writing while a 10mg THC piece of chocolate from a government dispensary is $4.80


Infused topicals are one of the more recent categories of cannabis products to grow in popularity. Unfortunately, the current Cannabis 2.0 product offerings do not quite satisfy consumer needs. 

While there are a few choices, consumers will need to see a lot of growth in this category to start to give them a try. That said, there are many people who love these topical creams and don’t use any other cannabis product, which makes buying from a government run dispensary a difficult choice. 

Again, if you’re in need of a more potent product with a heavier dose at a better price, you need to buy weed online

cannabis 2.0 salve topicals

Online dispensaries carry trusted and well-reviewed topical products that you can use with confidence.

Potent topicals such as the one listed above are perfect for migraines, nerve pains, TMJ and arthritis, symptoms that cannot be relieved without heavier doses of cannabis that are currently unavailable through government dispensaries.

The Price of Weed After Cannabis 2.0

Since Cannabis 2.0, we’ve also been seeing movement on the product prices in the right direction. The price of an ounce of dried flower is now cheaper than ever, around 100-120 plus taxes and fees. Cannabis oils, including CBD oils, have also gotten cheaper these last few years. 

The price reduction on dried flower and cannabis oils now makes them more affordable than ever, but still more expensive and inconvenient compared to dried flower options available at an online dispensary. 

Unfortunately, Cannabis 2.0 products also started out higher than many consumers would have hoped. The hope is that the Cannabis 2.0 prices will also drop substantially in the coming years. As we see significant growth in the number of Cannabis 2.0 products sold. 

There is already some very slight reduction in the prices of edibles and vape cartridges, but the same has not happened with concentrates, no matter how small the selection may be. 

tolerance break cheap weed

This is likely due to the limited availability of cannabis concentrates, a problem that should be reduced in the coming months and years, but why wait years and continue to waste your hard earned money when you buy weed online today and save hundreds on trusted, safe and potent weed products? 

Whatever your thoughts may be on the efficacy of the Canadian Government to iron out all the details, the fact remains that Canadians should not be subjected to such high prices when it comes to their medicinal marijuana and weed products. 

The price of weed might not go down anytime soon, but weed prices are already rock-bottom low at online dispensaries

What is Next For Cannabis 2.0?

cannabis prices future

Beyond the products and prices, many Canadians are also hoping for regulatory changes at all levels, including local, provincial, and federal as the current legislation and restrictions surrounding cannabis use and purchasing are limiting, to say the very least.

We bet many of you would love to be able to buy fresh pastry edibles from a local bakery, but who knows when we may see this.

In the near future, there is going to be a big push to increase the THC limit on edibles, as 10mg is far too low for many consumers, and that’s not to mention the fact that adults can control how much of an infused edible they eat in one sitting.

But when will we see these changes? 

It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible to say.

However, you need not wait any longer for these changes if you make the decision to buy weed online and have it shipped discreetly, securely and directly to your door.

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