Looking for a source of inspiration? The best strains for creativity and focus might be exactly what you need.

Getting stuck in a creative rut is a disheartening feeling. Your mind sees fragments of the picture you want to paint. But the full image isn’t coming to you. The sense of desperation in this situation is frustrating.

Luckily, we have a solution for you.

Cannabis is more than medicine. It does more than help millions all over the world deal with chronic pain, stress and depression. It’s a source of inspiration for artists, engineers, project managers, photographers, fashion moguls. And even people operating businesses.

Creativity isn’t limited to the arts; it spans many sectors and used for everything in our daily lives.

You may not feel it will be beneficial to your life. But a spark of creativity could be what stands between you and a big promotion or finding the missing link between your venture and its next level.

To help you reap the benefits of this next step in life, we’re going to go over the best strains for creativity and focus.

With this extra boost in focus and creative juices, the world becomes your oyster loaded with fulfillment, joy and a sense of direction.

Before we dish out the best strains for creativity, we’re going to explain why cannabis promotes creativity and focus.

As well, we will take a look at creators and innovators that attribute their success to the use of marijuana. We want to ensure your journey into the world of creativity and productivity is a complete one.

Creativity and Focus is a Skill


Is creativity a natural ability? Some would have you believe you’re either born with it or doomed to live a boring life, but the truth couldn’t be further from it.

Your creativity can be improved on with practice. And using particular cannabis strains can help you release inhibitions and increase focus.

Creativity is an abstract concept for many. We stare in awe at the creations of Pablo Picasso and feel belittled by the greatness of modern marvels, such as the Burj Khalifa.

But, creativity isn’t always in the grand; it’s more practical in our day to day lives. Are you ever stumped on a project at work, and while sifting through a comic book, you find the solution?

Ah, creativity at its finest. An all that happened was taking 2 abstract concepts and blending them into a useful solution.

How Cannabis Improves Creativity

To correlate irrelevant concepts and add them together is the stem of creativity. To improve our creative field, we must first increase our hyper-priming.

Hyper-priming is a function in our brains that correlates 2 abstract ideas and merges them. This is where our friend cannabis comes into play.

In a 2008 study by the University College of London, 38 subjects tested with cannabis against a placebo. The results were fascinating. After consuming cannabis, the hyper-priming in the subjects’ increased dramatically! The study was the first of its kind. Finally shedding light on why cannabis improved creativity.

But What About Focus?

Good thing you asked because there’s an explanation for that as well. Staying focused during a tedious task can be a nightmare.

Sitting there, with your elbow on the desk and palm on your forehead, half falling asleep. Or, waking up on a Saturday morning, knowing that the dull world of housekeeping consumes your day.

It sounds like a horrible way to spend your weekend. But the good news is certain marijuana strains will make it a much more enjoyable and fun experience.

And no, it’s not only because you’re getting high. There’s science to back it up!

Cannabis is rich in terpenes. The little molecules are responsible for a handful of effects and benefits. Terpenes are present in most plants, trees and foods.

Giving each their respective smells and tastes. Terpenes each have their special effects. By selecting the right cannabis strains, we can harness the benefits of these potent molecules.

Pinene and Limonene are the 2 primary terpenes you need to be seeking out. They are powerful mood elevators and efficient at increasing creativity and focus.

Flipping the mundane into exciting, and the tedious into an enjoyable experience.

We’ll be going over the essential guide on cannabis strains for creativity and focus.

But first, let’s have a glance at some quotes from visionaries and artists of our time that have all used cannabis.

First Off, We’d Like to Thank Cannabis For…


Stephen King

“I think that marijuana should not only be legal; I think it should be a cottage industry.”

Morgan Freeman

Never give up the ganja.”

Bill Gates

“As for drugs — well, Gates was certainly not unusual there. Marijuana was the pharmaceutical of choice.”

Bob Marley

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Carl Sagan

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous. An impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”

Lady Gaga

“I smoke pot a lot when I write music.”

Jon Stewart

“Do you know how many movies I wrote when I was high?”

The Best Strains for Creativity and Focus

If you want to increase your focus and add creative touches to your everyday life, these are the strains you must explore.

Charlotte’s Web

It’s understandable to be a little hesitant when first exploring the field of cannabis. So it only makes sense to start this list off with a strain that is essential for beginners and experienced users alike.

Charlotte’s Web is high in CBD, one of the focus boosting and anxiety-crushing compounds in cannabis. It features minimal THC, producing no high whatsoever. It’s suitable for use during the day and night. Charlotte’s Web is a shot of clarity, similar to a breath of fresh air in the Swiss Alps.

Blue Dream

Adding Blue Dream to your daily routine will make a world of difference. Soon you’ll look back and not even realize who the person you saw in the mirror was! This sativa-dominant hybrid is the bridge between a flat-lined mind and a creative workhorse.

It’s light, yet cerebral effects are perfect for daytime and office use.

Girl Scout Cookies

Don’t let the name fool you; Girl Scout Cookies is much more than a light snack. Those looking to enter a space of ultimate artistry and creativity need to explore the effects of Girl Scout Cookies.

Like Blue Dream, use Girl Scout Cookies any time of the day. GSC is the difference between a 5-minute doodle, and a night-long journey in the arts.

Amnesia Haze

Have the dishes piled in your sink? Looking at you and asking what you’ve been doing with your life?

How about the laundry that needs folding, but you’re waiting for “the right moment.” There will never be a right moment either than the present one.

Amnesia Haze will make sure that more than the laundry and dishes get done. The entire apartment will end up getting cleaned and organized. Warranting a loving embrace from your significant other.


Headband is the power-couple child of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. 2 of the most notable strains in the cannabis community. You’ll soon realize why it’s a focus-inducing gem.

The use of Headband is like the lock-down effects of coffee. But without the anxiety and restlessness that’s associated with a cup of Joe.


best strains for creativity and focus nuken

We’re now going to feature a more night time use strain. Nuken is the pillow of comfort that will allow you to write down all your deepest desires and stresses.

Once you’ve started jotting down in your journal, you’ll notice an hour has passed, and you’ve filled out more pages than ever before. To put pen on paper is a sense of freedom that words seldom can describe.

Willie Nelson

It’s only fair that a strain named after music legend Willie Nelson would have creative benefits. Don’t believe us? Pick up your instrument of choice after and relish in the mellow sweetness that is your hands — marvelling how enhanced your talent has become.

Soon you’ll be playing for all your friends and in front of a rejoicing crowd.

Long gone will be the days of, “well, so here’s Wonderwall.”

Green Crack

best strains for creativity and focus green crack

We’ll admit, the name Green Crack wasn’t a great idea in hindsight. It may turn off potential users from its extraordinary benefits. But now that there’s no negative image, it’s time to take advantage of the razor-sharp focus of Green Crack.

GC is best for use during the day, but that doesn’t mean its only where its value lies. Instead of reaching for that 3rd cup of coffee at 2 am to finish your paper, opt for Green Crack instead. The result will be a well-finished paper, a healthier sleep and fresher you in the morning.

Durban Poison

best strains for creativity and focus durban poison

Sometimes the answer isn’t clear to your problems. We struggle to find the solution that may be right under our noses. To help uncover the answer you’re looking for, let Durban Poison give you a hand.

An ultra-creative and uplifting strain, it’s purpose is to make magic out of thin air. The Eureka moment you’ve been waiting for is just a puff away.

Acapulco Gold

best strains for creativity and focus acapulco gold

Get ready to be thrust into a world of focus and creativity. Acapulco Gold puts the finishing touches on this star-studded list. The real magic in Acapulco Gold lies in its all-around benefits. Yes, it’s an ace in putting your mind in the space of creation.

But it does so much more. You’ll soon feel at ease with life. No longer putting your hand on that bad knee, and realizing that little things in life are what’s important.

Without a doubt, Acapulco Gold is one of the best strains for creativity and focus.

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Your Path to a Creative Life Starts Now

Don’t let that saxophone sit on the shelf collecting dust. Or the watercolour painting in the corner of your room that is desperately looking for some love.

The final touches on the blueprints to your engineering finals are finally within reach. Enabling your creative spirit with cannabis is fun, easy, and a skill that will forever change your life.

Don’t take it from us; these are only words on “paper.” YOU need to try it for yourself.

But before you do so, cannabis does come with harms. Here’s a guide to ensure you’re safeguarded from them.