Rachael Leigh Cook is Back With a New Message

For those who ever turned on a T.V. in the nineties is sure to remember the crazy amount of anti-drug commercials directed at teens. One of the most famous was of Rachael Leigh Cook smashing eggs in a very extraordinary fashion. This is your brain, this is your brain after taking a frying pan to the grill.

Now back with a new message Rachel takes aim at another side of drug reform, the policies itself and how the effect us.

Another Crack at Educating

In a powerful turn of events, Rachel features in this short PSA covering the damages and repercussions of the war on drugs. Underlining the fact these drug laws convey a discriminatory bias against certain races.

The war on drugs doesn’t work and has lead to countless imprisonments to human beings that deserve freedom like everyone else. To have the power and ability to ruin someones life over a harmless substance shouldn’t be a fear of citizens.

Hopefully more videos like this surface and show that the government has been the bullies all along.