To say that Covid-19 has devastated the world would be a massive understatement.

For nearly a year now, the global community has been experiencing what can only be described as catastrophic consequences that have led to drastic but necessary legislation, including widespread lockdowns, travel restrictions, social distancing limitations and more. 

Perhaps one of the most troubling and heartbreaking ramifications of this precautionary course of action is being cut-off from seeing friends and family due to these various health and safety measures. 

Although their purpose is, of course, to reduce the rate of transmission, lower case numbers and ensure the general public’s health and safety, it doesn’t mean that it sucks any less. 

While we can still buy weed safely online during COVID-19, other aspects of the cannabis experience have definitely suffered.

There are no two ways about it. Covid-19 has been a buzzkill of the highest degree. 

During difficult and trying times such as these, the only real choice we all have is to try and focus on the positives, even when it seems impossible, and look forward to better days to come. 

In this way, one of the things that we are most excited about is being able to safely and securely enjoy a good old-fashioned smoke sesh with our friends once again. 

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a list of things that we are most looking forward to in a post-Covid sesh. 

However, before delving in, we would like to state for the sake of full transparency that this article’s intention is not by any means meant to minimize the tragic and overwhelmingly heart-wrenching experiences of anyone who has suffered from or lost a loved one to this unrelenting and unforgiving pandemic. 

Instead, it is written with the most well-meaning motivations at heart to inject some positivity and hopefully a little bit of humour into an otherwise dire situation, which is something that we could all use right about now. 

So, without further delay, here are some of the things that we’re most looking forward to once Covid-19 is over. 

1. Sharing Weed Accessories

post covid sesh kit

According to Health Canada, Covid-19 spreads from an infected person to other people through respiratory droplets created when an infected person “coughs, sneezes, shouts, sings, or talks.” 

These droplets can range in size from larger ones that fall to the ground quickly close to the infected person to smaller droplets, sometimes referred to as aerosols, which can linger in the air in particular circumstances. 

While the level of infectiousness of these droplets of varying sizes isn’t inherently clear, they may come into direct contact with the mucous membranes of another individual’s mouth, nose or eyes, or even be inhaled into their nose, mouth or lungs and airways.

The virus is also transmissible through touch, for example, a handshake, or via a surface – also referred to as a fomite – where the virus could be present, that a person could touch and then touch their mouth, eyes, or nose with unwashed hands. 

This risk factor is why it is essential to wash or sanitize your hands regularly. 

All of this is to say that one of the things we’re most looking forward to post-Covid is being able to share weed accessories, such as a pipe, bong, vape pen or joint, without having to fear being potentially infected. 

One of the most traditional ways that cannabis culture has taught us to have a weed sesh with your friends is forming a circle and sharing these items amongst the group. In this way, you’re all able to smoke the same strain and experience similar effects, bringing you together with a shared understanding and producing a group high that everyone can enjoy. 

2. Being Able to Cough Without Fear of Inciting Panic

weed cough public

When you’re smoking weed, sometimes you cough, it happens, and you can’t help it! 

Don’t worry. We feel you.

Still, with the current state of the world, there is a heightened resentment and antagonism targeted towards anyone who lets a cough or a tickle in their throat slip out, as it immediately causes everyone to think of one thing – Covid-19. 

Even if you do the right thing and wear a mask and cough into your elbow, you are still likely to receive at least a couple of dirty looks if you cough anywhere in public. 

That said, especially for novice tokers, coughing can be a rite of passage that other, more experienced blazers look on with a nostalgic, affectionate, albeit humorous, lens. It’s okay, little lungs. You’ll get better at it with time and practice. 

Being able to cough freely without fear of inciting panic or judgement is definitely something that is valuable in a sesh, and something we are hoping we can do openly – although still appropriately into our elbows – in a post-Covid sesh.

3. Being Able to Smell Your Weed Before You Buy It

smelling weed

Anyone that goes into a physical dispensary to buy their bud knows that a key feature of the experience is having the option to smell your weed before you buy it. Of course, this is not permitted right now, given how the virus is transmitted and for the sake of preserving customers’ overall safety. 

It’s understandable, for sure, but it is absolutely something that we miss. 

When planning a righteous smoke sesh, selecting the proper bud is paramount, and aroma plays a massive role in the overall presentation and smoking experience.

Thanks to strain-specific terpenes, each weed strain is unique in its smell and taste, presenting a comprehensive profile indicative of the specific plant. 

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So, for the purpose of going through an appropriate and detail-oriented selection processing, we are very much looking forward to being able to smell our bud again. 

4. Being Able to Puff, Puff, Pass Again 

puff puff pass weed

As we outlined in the number one section of this list, a particular highlight of a smoke sesh is forming a circle and puff, puff, passing from person to person.

In this way, we are stoked at the possibility of sharing this quintessential cannabis culture experience with our friends once again once in our post-COVID sesh. 

There is a certain level of skill that comes with perfecting the puff, puff, pass. The timing and technique come with experience, and it is yet another rite of passage for those who may be new to the wonderful world of weed. 

dank weed deals

Traditionally, the basic instruction requires each individual to light their hit, take two drags, and then pass it to the next person. 

While some strains cause you to be chattier than others, this simple yet effective procedure is the best way to ensure that everyone gets an even amount and allows users to keep the joint or bowl moving organically. Thus, it not only facilitates the flow of tokes but also of conversation.

5. Actually Being Able to Gather and Smoke with Friends 

post covid sesh with friends

Ultimately, what every point on this list boils down to, and what makes a smoke sesh so awesome, is being able to share the experience with your friends. 

With all the rules surrounding social distancing and sticking to associating with people within our immediate households, we have severely limited how we can interact with one another.

Although inherently critical, these measures have put a damper on tokers’ ability to have a traditional smoke sesh with the people they want in the way they want. 

So, above all else, what we are most looking forward to in a post-Covid sesh is reuniting with our friends and enjoying the righteous herb we all know and love together once again. 

This Too Shall Pass 

Covid-19 has pushed the limits of what the modern world thought was possible. However, it has also highlighted the determination and resilience that humans have to adapt, and weed lovers are no exception.

From wearing masks to advancements in virtual communication to working from home, the influences of this pandemic will be felt long after a vaccine is rolled out, and the world returns to “normal.” 

One of the most important things to note is that we have persevered. Even in the times when we are bored or frustrated or feeling helpless, we still manage to make the most of a bad situation, which goes to show the strength and durability of the human spirit. 

So, while there may be a long road ahead before we get back to how things once were, we can take solace in the fact that we have made it this far.

There will come a time when we can reunite with friends and family to enjoy a post-COVID sesh.

Even if your smoke sesh needs to stay virtual for now, there will come a day when you can have them in person again. It just might take a little more time. 

Happy toking! 

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