You’ve put in countless, pain staking hours smoking all your lovely pot, and now your grinder is full of kief. What to do next? We’ll take a look at some of our favourite methods to use your saved up kief.


1. Adding it to Your Pipe or Bong

The most user friendly and simple way to enjoy your kief is to just scoop some out and  in to your pipe or bowl. The added THC will give you an extra lift from cannabis alone. Make sure you put some marijuana or have a screen in your bowl first or you may risk losing all your precious kief.

2. Roll it Into a Joint

If you’ve never seen a “Time Bomb“, it’s amazing and I suggest you drop what you’re doing and check it out right away. Although most of us don’t have the rolling skills of a god, adding in to a joint is a great way of consumption. Just sprinkle a bit in, depending on your tolerance and enjoy.

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3. Make Moon Rocks

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to the moon, now you can. Moon Rocks are the ultimate cannabis experience for marijuana enthusiasts. You’ll need a concentrate or hash oil, cannabis buds, and kief. Apply the oil or extract with a syringe onto your bud, applying gently. Then roll the oiled up nug in to your kief and coat it all over. You now have a 1 way ticket to the dark side of the moon. If you don’t have enough Kief or want to go for the real deal, you can purchase moon rocks here.


 4. Press your Kief into Hash

It’s pretty simple to turn make hash from your own home. All it takes is a hair straightener and some parchment paper.

Place your kief onto a piece of parchment paper. Continue by folding the parchment paper in half so both sides of the kief are covered. Apply your hair straightener to medium, high heat and press the parchment paper and kief together.

The heat from the hair straightener will combine the ingredients together and fuse it into a hash disc. Allow it to cool and harden some more. Voila you have Hash!

5. Use it in the Kitchen

A very useful way of using your THC is adding it to edibles and beverages. Tea and coffee are especially great. Sometimes known as a hippie speedball, the caffeine and cannabis balance each other out very nicely, leaving you with a relaxed body yet active mind state.

Making cannabutter from your THC is a great way to cook up a storm in your kitchen! The extract allows for you to use the cannabis infused butter in any recipe that calls for butter, margarine or fat.