Sunday, August 7, 2022
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"Riley's lungs had failed, and he needed a lung transplant immediately. He struggled to stay alive with machines doing the heavy lifting for him at this point."
"I think it's great, I think it's about time that marijuana was legalized," said Ken Sailor, a former member of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party.
Comedian and Late Night show host Jimmy Kimmel took a hit at marijuana laws in Canada. Going on to state " They must really want Seth Rogen back."
Cannabis Legalization Bill Tabled Today in Ottawa Adults 18 and older will be able to legally buy and cultivate small amounts of marijuana for personal use, while selling the drug to a minor will become a serious new criminal offence...
Failing a drug test could lead to serious issues for future employment chances as well. For union members your name could be flagged on a system alerting employers. For a single joint you could have your career damaged.
Enter Israel, which has become an international leader in cannabis research, partly fueled by the world's highest percentage of financial resources devoted to research.
The federal government will also be working to develop an “interim system” by which marijuana would be available across Canada.
The forfeiture application names as respondents Yacob Issayas, the alleged money courier, and his employer, DMG Management Group.
Justin Trudeau set a government appointed marijuana legalization task force that set some guidelines. We expect most of those to be followed with few variations.
Legalization has been announced for 2018 and Canadian Marijuana Stocks have soared. They’ve delivered huge returns to shareholders over the past 2 years.