Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Weed and sex might not sound like a good combination, but you'll be surprised at the effects it could have. Here's how you can spice it up!
What is most likely Canada's first pot cafe, never have been shut down is quite remarkable. Open to the public to consume cannabis with the purchase of any item inside.
Acquiring cannabis has come a long way in recent years. No longer are you subjected to smoking a random strain that your dealers happen to carry. We're privileged to have an endless catalogue of strains from Amnesia Haze to Zeus....
Attach a ‘friendly’ at the end of a word, and it usually means you or the place welcomes the thing or activity. There’s being 'Eco-friendly', 'Pet-friendly' and 'Smoker-friendly' as straightforward examples. And yet, there are other 'friendly' terms that...
As the laws start to loosen, travelers begin to embark on a new reason for travel.  Adventure travel, eco tourism, sun destinations, we've heard them all.  Without further ado, we bring you cannabis tourism!
Thinking of pursuing one of the many cannabis jobs? Here are some of the finest Canadian cannabis training programs.
Chemical analyses of residues in early 17th-century clay “tobacco pipes” have confirmed that a diversity of plants was smoked in Europe
To help you differentiate ganja-related games you should be spending your precious time on, here is a guide to our favourite weed apps.
Move over Matthew McConaughey, there's a new sheriff in town. Tommy Chong takes this Lincoln commercial to higher places. Check it out!
Should we be satisfied with legalization? According to cannabis policy reform pioneers, Marc Emery and Jodie Emery – we shouldn’t. For those unfamiliar, married couple Marc and Jodie Emery are entrepreneurs, politicians and long-time cannabis rights activists, who are commonly...