When a doctor enters the room with the words, “Terminally Ill” and “6 months to live” the outlook is usually very bleak. This is where cannabis oil stepped in, and has given Tina McElligott a chance to do something never accomplished before, live with Alpers.

cannabis oil, terminally ill, tina mcelligott

An Unwanted Surprise

Born in Ireland, 16 year old Tina McElligott had suffered from epileptic seizures from a young age, having as many as 20 seizures a day. Taking medication for the seizures worked to some capacity but she would still fight bouts and come out on the losing end. When she developed a tremor in her hand, things started to deteriorate.

As reported by Independent.ie, Tina began having a severe hand tremor that included pain. Leaving her unable to accomplish simple tasks such as eating and holding a glass of water.

“She has a tremor in her hand and it was constantly shaking so she couldn’t hold a cup or a spoon or anything and she had so much pain in it.”

“Her balance was becoming more unsteady.

“She’s had epilepsy all her life but when the tremor started she was brought back to Dublin and she was diagnosed then with Alpers.”

A cousin of Tina’s was diagnosed with Alpers, a degenerative neurological condition, that includes seizures, stiff in the limbs, and intellectual deficiencies. Her cousin unfortunately passed away at the age of 13.

What makes Tina’s case extraordinary is she doesn’t know what her condition is, after seeing her cousin struggle, her parents decided is was best to keep her away from the prognosis. Another is in fact she is the oldest ever living person with the disease. At 16 years old her parents are determined to keep her amazing life going.

Introducing Cannabis Oil

Tina was prescribed 20-25 pills of medication a day to try and help combat all of the symptoms, with much to little avail. Beginning in the end of April, she was flown to Barcelona to try an “experimental” medication in cannabis oil. She’s now seeing a great improvement in her overall health and quality of life.

Jennifer, Tina’s aunt spoke very fondly of her, “She’s a bubbly child, she’d talk to the wall if it would talk back to her.

She loves music and dancing and princess parties, everything most girls love but then she gets upset because she feels in her head that she’s not normal and she doesn’t want to go up dancing.”

In Ireland, Cannabis Oil wasn’t available for her to go through with the treatment, flying to Barcelona being her best chance at receiving the proper treatment she deserves.

“She could have twenty seizures a day before that, they could be big ones and completely tire her out.

“It got to a point where she couldn’t dress herself or whatever but with the oil she’s able to do those bits again.

Tina’s aunt Jennifer explained that doctors realize kids don’t die from the Alpers itself, but the medication eventually destroys the patients liver and kidneys. Causing a fatal shutdown of your organs that our body has a 0% chance of surviving.

“Hopefully when she comes home she won’t be on as much tablets so her body won’t be deteriorating as much, we know it’s not a cure, we just want to prolong her life.

“Last year they gave us six months but we are hoping it could add a few years to her life.

“She’s only 16 and you’d do everything you can to keep her.”

With Cannabis Oil, Tina is having the chance no one has had before with Alpers.

cannabis oil, terminally ill, tina mcelligott

How to Help Little Tina McElligott

If you would like to help support Tina’s treatment, you can donate directly to her Go Fund Me page. The proceeds go directly to continuing her treatment.

Her aunt Jennifer Explained. “People have been amazing, the support is unreal and we’re just hoping to keep that momentum going.”

Going on to say, “I think in certain cases like for people with conditions like MS or Alpers it should be allowed, if it can improve your quality of life that’s all you want.

“Tina says that all she wants is to be a normal little girl and this is helping her.”

Cannabis Oil is once again helping another terminally ill HUMAN BEING that was being suppressed from the real medication they needed. Cannabis Oil can’t cure or reverse every disease or ailment, but it’s showing promise in a very diverse region of health issues.