Sometimes a single paper just isn’t going to cut it, time to substitute in an L Joint. By putting 2 papers together you can fit over a gram of herb into a joint and still have room for a filter. Let’s take a look at how to get this done.

1. Picking your Papers

There’s so many brands these days that sell rolling papers it’s not hard to run into some pretty shady quality ones. Find a brand you like that has good quality hemp paper and the adhesive never fails. Nothing worse than rolling up a spliff and it falling apart on you.

2. To Filter or Not

If you are going to use a filter it’s always best to roll it in with the joint instead of trying to jam it in after. Try and stay away from using bus tickets and random filter “materials” that could be harmful. These days there’s plenty of good filter paper packets for really cheap.

L joint

3. Grinding your Herb

Be sure you’ve ground up the weed so it’s easy to spread. You can make like a lot harder on yourself if the joint isn’t easy to twist.

4. Making The L

l joint

Find which side is more comfortable to roll with the head of the L joint. L’s are perfect for rolling cones, the added paper allows for a much fatter cone.

Lick about half of one paper and depending on how much weed you have chosen the length of your L. Apply it behind the main body so as to form an L and let it dry.

Trim all excess paper off to ensure a smooth roll and burn. Realistically we don’t need any extra paper in there any way!

5. Spread the Butter

This may be one of the most crucial points to a perfect L joint. The way you spread your herb will determine the shape of the joint!

Make sure to spread a crescendo of cannabis so that it gradually gets larger towards the fat end of the papers. This will make a nice baseball bat for you and your friends to enjoy.

l joint

6. Time to Twist it Up

Place the filter you’ve pre-made on the handle side of your bat. If you prefer to keep your joints natural rock on. Gently lick the adhesive so it’s not dry but not an ocean.

This is where the roll comes into play. Pack your weed down lightly and roll the bottom back and forth a few times to tighten it up a bit. Roll the bottom up as to hide the cannabis and keep rolling until it’s completely done up.

Pack the remainder bits or extra you may have and fire her up! Keep practicing because it only gets easier!


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