Among the unintended effects of pot legalization is children hospitalized after engaging in their parents Pot Edibles, based on a brand new research within the journal “JAMA Pediatrics.” The primary causes are cannabis infused candy. When cannabis laced biscuits, brownies and chocolate aren’t properly saved, they’re an attraction for small lips.

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Candies Containing Medical Marijuana

Parental Supervision is Key

The research compared hospitalizations for marijuana before and after legalization in Colorado, between December 2015 and January 2009. In that span—from 2 years prior to 2 years after legalization—Colorado experienced an increase of children as the remaining U.S. noticed A – 19% increase hospitalized from marijuana intake. Almost 50% of all instances were due to un proper care of pot edibles. The kids’ average ages were about 24 months old.

The researchers also recognized that parents used poor judgement in most events. Generally, item storage or “poor child guidance was reported.” Parents must realize that their actions and mishandling of these items can be serious and dangerous. Keep cannabis infused items away from children in a safe location from prying hands.

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Law & Order

Denver law requires that pot edibles must be separately packed in kid safe containers. But after they’re exposed at home, parents should consider extra actions to keep these products safely stashed from their children.

Fortunately, none were seriously injured or harmed during the intakes. Several children were handled and examined without having to be accepted. On a few occasions children were admitted and monitored over night for further testing.

Based on Dr. Wang, patients exhibited signs fatigue and restlessness. In the most severe cases, children were treated for lung depression and coma.

What’s the Next Step?

Wang’s assistance to states on the edge of legalizing “think about guidelines and appropriate rules to assist in preventing child ingestions of pot edibles.” With more and more states following suit on the legalization train federal mandates will have to be soon brought in.

Learning from the North

Although illegal at the federal level more and more states are opting for their own ruling and allowing the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis state wide. In Vancouver, BC even tho marijuana is still considered illegal for recreational use, the city has laid out rules and laws regarding dispensaries operating in the city. One of such laws takes away the privilege of these establishments selling pot edibles. Stating that producing cannabis edibles ad treats without the proper health and nutrition guidelines is dangerous, and can lead to over consumption.