Oakland, California – A local cannabis extracts company has been improving the quality of life for those who are in need the most. Jetty Extracts started the project “Shelter from the Storm” helping cancer patients receive the care they need.

What started as a small initiative, soon blossomed into a 400 patient program. At first it was just for locals to Oakland that were dealing with ailments in which marijuana could help. With the positive response it soon spread to a California wide incentive.

From the get-go it was obvious that philanthropy was going to be a big part of our company, Jetty Extracts co-founder Matt Lee described.

“It’s a lot more rewarding to help people and get organic marketing from that then just paying for magazine ads that don’t help anybody,” Lee said. “The unforeseen benefits have been phenomenal—we have attracted some of the best staff in the industry and have had great support from the whole cannabis community.”

Community is what keeps Shelter from the Storm running. Donations have helped keep costs low for Jetty Extracts and keep the program flourishing. Without donations from the public it would not be possible to keep the program free.

Going Global

The obvious popularity and effectiveness of the program begs for more of its kind.

When asked about taking the project to a national level, Lee is yet to see if a program will work on such a large scale level.

“We are just trying to keep California going and hoping that the implementation of regulation doesn’t take away our ability to donate to patients,” Lee said.

In Canada Dispensaries work off the premise of all sales being “donations.” When purchasing at a dispensary you are technically donating and not buying the weed.

With so much evidence that marijuana can cure cancer there will be a growth of free programs.

Forwarded From – Los Angeles Times