Is weed legal in Canada?

Since the advent of legal cannabis in Canada, many regulations and restrictions have been made following the Cannabis Act.

On October 17, 2018, the first waves of legal cannabis products entered the market with underwhelming results. The Canadian government couldn’t hide the fact that they were struggling to wrap their heads around the already booming cannabis industry. 

In fact, they had so much to catch up that they decided to implement a two-step plan to get their version of regulated cannabis out for consumers.

As you’d expect, trying to monopolize an entire market has its pitfalls. While weed is legal in Canada, many people are scratching their heads and wondering if the government regulated recreational marijuana is the correct way to go.

To see what we mean, keep on reading.

The Rollout of Cannabis 2.0

So weed became legal in Canada. What’s next?

Since government intervention, local dispensaries operating on the black market (or grey) have been shut down.

The aftermath of the massive crackdown resulted in the government monopolizing the brick and mortar cannabis business, allowing them to upcharge as much as 50 percent more for the same product. 

Nearly a year after its legalization, the Canadian Government finally introduced Cannabis 2.0 to the public. It had been a long-awaited release of several new types of cannabis products that stretched far beyond their initial offering. 

The only problem was, much like their initial offerings, these new products lacked the variety and potency that many seasoned veterans had been accustomed to. 

Not only that, but their prices also didn’t reflect the actual value of the product as the restrictions and regulations limited the amount of THC available per product.

A good example of this would be cannabis edibles. To this day, cannabis use in the form of edibles remains to be one of the most popular options for administering cannabinoids in both recreation and medical users, and for a good reason. They are usually more safe and effective than smoking and vaping cannabis. 

That said, the new rules and regulations of cannabis distribution have effectively removed a large client base from even being able to enjoy their cannabis as they used to. 

Edibles have been limited to 10mg of THC per item, meaning that those once-beloved 200mg THC gummies are out of the picture, and instead, consumers are forced to eat a handful of 10mg edibles.

So as a cannabis consumer, how do you work around this? How do you get the old cannabis that we know and love?

Mail Order Marijuana Sites (MOMs)

is weed legal in Canada - MOMs

The answer lies in the Mail Order Marijuana Sites or (MOMs). 

A Mail Order Marijuana site is an online storefront that allows its customers to browse a wide variety of cannabis products through their website and have them delivered directly to their doorstep with stealth and discretion.

Why Purchase Cannabis From MOM Sites?

Recreational cannabis wasn’t always as expensive as it is now. In fact, many MOM sites are still honoring its old pricing. 

Here are a few reasons why MOM sites still reign supreme:

A More Cost-Effective Option

We all enjoy a good deal, who doesn’t? MOM sites cut out the middleman to remove any excess outlay, resulting in a more competitive price for you.

topshelf cartridge

Government dispensaries are known to charge a premium for their products. For example, this dispensary charges $77 per gram of distillate, which is much more than an online dispensary, which will cost you around the ballpark of $50

No Shortage of Options

The introduction of Cannabis 2.0 left a lot to be desired. Luckily, online dispensaries are not bound by the same rules that many government dispensaries are, meaning that their selection of products is not only more diverse but also more fleshed out.

While a government dispensary may only carry 1 or 2 types of hash, online dispensaries may stock up to 8 different kinds from around the globe.

Fresher Products

Make no mistake about it, regulation is needed and is generally a good thing when imposing quality control standards. But when taken too far, products tend to dwindle and age away on shelves when they could instead be in the comfort of a patient’s hands.

Many government dispensaries are heavily regulated, slowing down the process of getting the weed to its consumers. The result is that you get cannabis that is more aged and drier than it ought to be. 

Online dispensaries deliver safe and reliable cannabis that is both fresh and potent, all within a friendlier price range.

Highly Convenient

These days online business is everything. Especially in the world’s current pandemic, when getting out of the house is not the best viable option.

We have the technology so we ought to use it. Forget having to actually drive to a dispensary, enter the store and pick up your CBD prescription. It’s time-consuming and can interfere with your schedule.

With online dispensaries, you can place an order in seconds and have it delivered to your door professionally with discretion. In times like these, when it pays to avoid physical contact with strangers, choosing an online dispensary over a physical one is a no-brainer.

Buying From MOMs

Since Cannabis 2.0, we’ve seen an increase in the variety of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana products, but is that enough to justify the high prices charged for them?

Whether the Canadian government decides to loosen up restrictions to bring the cannabis industry to its full potential remains to be seen. And even if they decide to spark the change and push fresher and better products, it is hard to tell how long the process could take.

The real question is, are you willing to wait?

For now, you can set your worries aside because you no longer have to wait for the government to make their move if you purchase your weed through an online dispensary.

When it comes to a variety of products, best deals and reasonable pricing, MOM is the best place to buy your medical and recreational marijuana. 

Happy trails!