Doobie, blunt, joint, spliff, cannon, bone, J-bird, classic funky green joystick, whatever you want to call it, this hallowed item is the fundamental piece and staple of any stoners menu. The classic way to smoke marijuana, it leaves your fingers sticky and allows you to smoke with all your friends at once. Therefore, knowing how to roll a joint is a skill we all must have!

Unfortunately, many people who partake do not know how to roll one! We’re going to remedy that for you here today.

I’ve been smoking pot for over 11 years. I’ve worked in the medical marijuana industry for 3, and in my life time I’ve probably rolled close to a thousand joints. I’ve also met many people who claim that they simply “cannot do it.” BULLSHIT, I say! If you have two hands and ten fingers, you can roll a joint.

I’m going to break it down for you step by step, with some tips on how to prepare your rolling papers and cannabis for optimal toke’age.

Step 1: Bust Your Weed

how to roll a joint guide

Find a flat hard surface, like a coffee table and break your weed apart into small even pieces. Depending on the size of the joint, you’re going to want each piece to be nice and small, so it burns evenly and doesn’t clog the airflow of your joint. Make sure there’s no stems! Once you’ve rolled the joint, stems will BREAK THE PAPER, causing lack of suction and an overall shitty smoking experience.

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Step 2: Prime Your Rolling Paper

how to roll a joint rolling papers

Take your rolling paper of choice (I personally recommend RAW 1 ¼ size papers) and fold it into a U shape. Now roll it up and down WITHOUT any weed in it. Doing so will take the flat, rigid rolling paper and give it a natural curve! You’ll find when you’re rolling it, it will have a natural curve, and the paper will “want” to fold into the crease, making it easier for you!

Step 3: Roll and Place your Filter

Take a small piece of thick/card paper and cut out a small rectangle, and roll it into a tube. You can use your old bus pass, or even the front cover of the rollie pack! Place it into the rollie.

Step 4: Position Your Weed

This may be the most important part when learning how to roll a joint. Take your busted/ground weed and put it inside the joint, making sure it is evenly distributed throughout the paper. I like to make it fatter at the end, and gradually smaller near the filter end, giving it that classic “cone” look.

Step 5: Pack Weed Down

Using the edge of a credit card or your rollie pack, pack that weed down so its fitting nice and snug inside the rolling paper.

Step 6: Massage the Joint

Holding the paper between your forefingers and thumbs, gently rub the joint up and down in a “rolling” fashion, from the center of the paper outwards. By this point, the weed inside should have taken on a distinctly cylindrical shape.

Step 7: Fold the Paper

Starting from the filter side of the joint over, using your thumbs push the side of the paper closer to you over and into the joint. If you’ve followed the previous steps properly, it should slide neatly into place. Carefully use your thumbs to wiggle the rest of the paper in.

Step 8: Lick the Joint and Press

Lick the glue strip of the paper, and press it over top the now rolled joint, keeping it nice and airtight.

Step 9: Smoke and Enjoy!

Now that you’ve learned how to roll a joint, it’s time to get to the fun part. Sparking her up! Kick back and relax, it’s been a long day and time to unwind.


If you manage to cause a small tear in the paper, but the joint is still overall structurally sound, tear the glue strip from another rollie, give it a lick and patch up the doobies wound! It just needs to be airtight for you to enjoy, even if its not pretty.

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