Legalization is upon us and with it, maybe you’re more willing to give the ol’ Mary Jane cigarette a try. Whatever end of the spectrum of cannabis consumer you are on, you should always know how to properly store your flower to keep your weed fresh.

For many, purchasing cannabis over the last few decades has meant picking up from some guy you know, who had anywhere from one, to a Snoop Dogg amount of different Ziploc bags full of various cannabis strains.

The difference is, Snoop Dogg probably keeps his cannabis in a walk-in humidor set to just the right temperature and humidity levels.

Plastic bags are probably the worst way to store cannabis, other than simply leaving it out in the open air but that isn’t really storing it at all, is it?

In legalized areas though, manufacturers now have the freedom to package their strains in a variety of take-away packaging, and in the right brand-level, usually packaging that is engineered to keep your plant at optimal freshness until you take it home.

While the industry is having a lot of fun making their brands stand out this way, we would like to encourage our audience to push their local suppliers to eco-friendly packaging, reusable take-away solutions or even go dispensing style and bring a mason jar like the hipster you pretend not to be.

In all reality, a mason jar is actually one of the best ways to store your bud. Just like the environment cannabis grows in, how it is stored is equally important. We store our dried herbs in jars in the kitchen and your bud is no different! Unless you have kids of course, then you should probably keep it out of their whereabouts.

So, let’s go over a few key points about how to store your bud and why you need to do it!

1. Keep The Light Out

best way to store weed

So, now you’re probably wondering why we suggested using a mason jar, which tends to be clear.

And you’re right to bring it up.

If you choose to go with a mason jar or any other kind of sealed glass jar, there are so many fun ones at your local head shops so go check them out and support local.

Make sure you keep the jar in a cabinet to keep out the light. Light ages cannabis over time and dries it out, which can lower the potency in THC and CBD levels and also reduce the flavour and fragrance of your weed.

If you want to learn how to keep weed fresh, you have to stay cool, calm, and collected – much like your weed!

2. Temperature and Humidity Control

You probably get by this point why humidity and temperature control is important, but just in case, let’s drive this one home. Mold and mildew is not okay!

Even after drying and curing, there may still be a bit of moisture left in the flower, which is okay because you don’t want to dry out your bud to the point of an old bridesmaids bouquet that you pretend you love hanging on to.

Please don’t consume any cannabis if you think there is a chance of mold and mildew. It should be easy to recognize, just look out for these signs:

  • Cloudy spider’s nest looking substance, this will look quite different than the terpenes you see on those beautiful frosty buds you get
  • Smell; if you smell ammonia, a sweaty odour or obviously mildew and mold smells, do not consume. Remember, mildew can still be present even if you can’t see or smell it on the surface, break into your buds and use a microscope if you suspect anything

Whatever jar or container you choose to store your cannabis, please make sure it allows for a dry, cool environment with no light exposure in order to prevent your weed from going bad.

3. Oxygen!

how long does weed stay fresh

If you want to learn how to keep weed fresh, you have to open up your mind, and your stash jars.

Everything needs to breathe, we all know this. When storing your bud make sure to fill your jars no more than just over half-way so the flower has space for breathing. It’s also good to “burp” your cannabis which means to open up the jars for an hour or so a couple of times a week – like opening a good wine to let it breathe before consuming it.

Along with breathing space, it’s good to rotate your bud and avoid mixing new and old if you can. Don’t let older bud continue to sit at the bottom of the jar and never breach the surface for air!

How to Keep Weed Fresh – Things to Not do

Please, please, please – do not freeze your cannabis, especially in plastic bags. There are many resources saying this is okay, and it is in some cases. But for the average consumer, you will lose potency, flavour and freshness and it’s just not worth it. Unless it’s for very long-term storage where you cannot avoid humid or hot temperatures, then it is preferable to risking mildew or mold.

Do not vacuum seal for longer than a couple of hours and avoid altogether if possible. Vacuum sealing crushes your buds and makes the terpenes fall off of your bud, losing all of the good stuff – like seasoning at the bottom of the popcorn bowl.

Taking the time to store and manage your cannabis is part of the ritual of using this wonderful plant. It helps us to be more mindful of ourselves and our healthy choices so let this be the time to take in the moment and appreciate everything this beautiful flower can do for us.

If you want to know specifically about how to store CBD, we’ve created a specific guide on that here to rid you of your questions!

And thank yourself for choosing to make cannabis a part of your wellness routine.  Also, you really can’t deny the health factors, so buck up and stop keeping your bud in old Ziplocks out in the garage! It’s time to class it up canna-family.

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