Cop Helps Grow Cannabis For Sick Granddaughter, Proceeds to Arrest Daughter-In-Law

Jennifer Scherr was put in a situation no one ever deserves to face. Having to grow cannabis for her dying daughter was simply the only option, luckily her father in law was willing to help. Not only was her father in law a police officer, but he was the one to pursue a warrant for Jennifer’s arrest.

Putting a family member behind bars must never been an easy situation. Even less when that person is making medicine to improve the life of your dying granddaughter. Looks like there’s a bit of empathy missing in his gas tank.

What Happened to Family First?

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It was in 2011 when Jennifer received the worst news of her life. Her daughter Liza was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Liza developed a brain tumor, one that’s normally accompanied with an unfortunate death sentence.

Jennifer then set out to find a natural alternative to improve her daughters quality of life. Her research led to the discovery of cannabis oil, and it’s ability to assist cancer patients with various symptoms.

In her home state of Illinois, cannabis oil is accessible to patients, but it’s extremely pricey. Seeing that the medication was improving her daughters life she decided to grow cannabis to produce the oil. Naturally she was a little bit hesitant to start growing the plants, as her father in law is in law enforcement.

Seeing as the medication was in fact helping his granddaughter, Officer Curtis Scherr agreed to help with the operation, assisting in the purchase of the lighting system and taking care of the plants occasionally.

A Turn for the Worst

Unfortunately even after all the efforts of Jennifer and their doctors little Liza passed away in July of 2012. What unfolded next is absolutely horrendous. Thanks to a few disagreements in how Liza’s body should be preserved, Officer Scherr took matters to another level. Officer Scherr began putting the paper work together a search warrant for Jennifer’s house.

He reported a whopping 50 plants inside the house, a completely false claim that really backfired on him. When police arrived at the house to execute the warrant, they were surprised to say the least when 0 plants were found. A far cry from the 50 that had been detailed in the warrant.

Of course officer Scherr knew the plants were there, he helped grow them. But Jennifer had disposed of them after Liza’s passing as they were no longer needed. In Scherr’s meeting with Judge Richard Posner, he never disclosed his relationship with Jennifer, claiming that would have had a direct impact on whether or not the warrant would have been granted.

In the end we are left with an extremely embarrassed member of the police department that used his powers to call in reinforcements that were never needed. Marijuana is not a dangerous plant. Clogging our court systems with unnecessary cases that are basically against human rights.