Have you ever tried CBD edibles?

CBD is one of the fastest-growing areas of interest within the cannabis industry. While there are many ways to consume the cannabinoid, CBD edibles remain one of the best methods.

CBD edibles present a discrete and delicious way of getting your dose of CBD compared to smoking and vaping. You can easily find a range of CBD-infused edibles in dispensaries. Or, if you prefer to create an exact amount that works for your needs, you can easily make your own.

We’ll walk you through why CBD edibles are a great way to use this cannabinoid. The benefits of using edibles and the different types you could find on the market or make at home.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the most commonly sought-after cannabinoids alongside THC. 

Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high when you use it. Still, you will experience a lot of the same benefits as THC has to offer.

What is CBD: The Complete Guide to Cannabidiol

CBD users typically seek CBD for various health benefits without getting the high commonly associated with the cannabis plant. In other words, you can consume the product with no risk of getting too high while receiving the relief you’re searching for.

Clinical trials are beginning to show evidence that CBD can be used to treat, cure or prevent issues with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain or addiction. 

Additionally, this cannabinoid use is safe, with the few potential side effects being nausea, fatigue and irritability. It can also act as a blood thinner and poorly interact with specific medications, so it’s essential to research before using it. 

This cannabinoid can help relieve many conditions but shouldn’t replace all prescription medications your doctor recommends. 

Talk to your doctor first before substituting medications with CBD.

What are CBD Edibles?


CBD edibles Sugar Jacks

Cannabis-infused edibles are any form of food or drink created using cannabis. 

CBD’s growing popularity has led to a flood of CBD companies cropping up with a wide range of CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, and of course, popular edibles. Today, customers can decide when and how to take CBD oil

You can easily add CBD into a spectrum of products to consume it in the way that suits your needs best. 

If tasty treats and baked goods are the methods for you, buy edibles instead of smoking or vaporizing CBD vape juices and get a healthy dose of the cannabinoid.

Edibles vs Smoking Cannabis Differences for First-Timers

The CBD industry has also helped people better understand the different variations they can get of similar products. 

For example, many people enjoy the effects associated with CBD isolate compared to products with psychoactive THC in them since isolate is a pure CBD. 

Others enjoy both THC and CBD, even if the THC comes in a very small amount since it provides a full-spectrum CBD experience that covers some effects you can’t receive without THC.

Edibles provide the option for high doses that aren’t easily achievable through smoking too. 

CBD treats with high potencies will be more efficient to take than smoking cannabis. Since, they can be taken and forgotten about instead of smoking a few times until you reach the level you want.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

One of the most significant benefits of using edibles for your CBD needs is the discretion aspect. 

Edibles look like any other food or drink, so you can easily take them on the go and use them without anyone ever needing to know. 

Depending on the CBD recipe you use or the item you purchase, there may be a slight cannabis scent but generally speaking, they can be made to have few traces of cannabis taste or smell attached to them. 

For example, edibles made of CBD distillate are odour-free and don’t taste like your regular CBD oil, which is known to have an earthy taste.

They’re also very easy to dose compared to smoking or vaporizing. If you’ve purchased or made your own edibles with exact measurements. Each piece will have the same amount of CBD inside of them. So there’s no guesswork involved in deciding how much to take. 

When you’re rolling joints or using a pipe, you could be smoking more or less than you really need. Whereas, a CBD gummy or other edible will give you full control over how much you take.

Edibles are also longer lasting than smoking or vaporizing cannabis.

How Long do Edibles Last For?

If you are looking for a product with a long-lasting effect, edibles will be the best option since cannabinoids are ingested and consumed by the body differently.

When you smoke cannabis, it’s absorbed through your bloodstream, whereas edible cannabis is processed through your digestive system. Because of this, the effects will last hours longer than if you chose to smoke or vaporize your products.

CBD Edible Options

Given the versatility of delicious edibles, there’s an extensive range of CBD products you can find. 

There are CBD chewing gums, CBD protein bars, CBD oils, CBD shots and plenty more. You can even find dissolvable powders that are easily mixed into drinks, sauces and other items you can find around your home or in the grocery store. 

While those types of edibles are exciting and fun to try, we’ll cover some of the most popular CBD gummies and other edibles available.

CBD Gummies

CBD edibles Mota

CBD gummy bears and other chewy, sweet products are some of the most commonly found. Since, they’re relatively easy to make and cover flavours to suit many people’s taste buds. 

They’re some of the best edibles around for carrying very little smell. Since, many of the ingredients used in creating CBD gummies mask the cannabis scent.

CBD Chocolates

Pot brownies are one of the first items to come to mind when people usually think of edibles. However, chocolate is a vastly underrated option. 

You can easily find white, dark or milk chocolates and even flavoured chocolates with a hint of orange, raspberry or strawberry flavouring. Just like the chocolates you find at the grocery store.

CBD Drinks

If you want to dose CBD while sipping on a drink, that’s an option too. 

You can easily create your own infused drinks using CBD oils or other CBD products. As well as, picking out one of the many pre-made drinks available at dispensaries.

For example, for fans of teas, there are options available such as CBD dried teas.

CBD Edibles – Sweet & Yummy CBD Goods

If you want to get a precise and tasty dose of CBD, CBD edibles are the best option out there. 

When it comes to edibles, you can choose between many options such as delicious chocolates, gummies, flavoured drinks, pills and many more. 

In other words, finding edibles is as easy as shopping at your favourite grocery store.

Fibe CBD edibles a try, and if you are looking for your first CBD edibles try, our online dispensary has got you covered with a fantastic choice of edibles to choose from. 

Be sure to check out our selection, and as always, happy trails!

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