Working in the Cannabis Field isn’t Just Cash Jobs Anymore

Has your job got you feeling kind of down? Thinking about a job that can take you higher? In the marijuana business, what used to be a black market full of shady, cash jobs has turned into a blossoming industry.

In the U.S. 26 states allow for medical marijuana at some capacity, and 8 states have legalized for recreational use. Canada has also recently announced its plans to legalize marijuana completely by mid 2018. Thus creating a brand new job market with plenty of potential for growth.

1. Glass Producer/Accessories Merchant

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While these jobs have been around for ages, they weren’t fully able to market to pot smokers. With the booming numbers of marijuana enjoyers, accessories and smoking utensils will be on the rise.

Whether you can blow glass, or market a pipe or bong brand, there’s plenty of work in the accessories field.

2. Canna Chef

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Smoking isn’t the only way to get a healthy dose of cannabinoids in your system. These days, edibles are the preferred choice of ingestion of cannabis for many patients. Not only does it make it so you don’t have to be inhaling smoke, the treats can be just down right tasty.

Marijuana inspired restaurants raise the standards of previous edibles. With culinary masters creating innovative cannabis infused recipes, marijuana michelin stars will be a thing of the future. From chocolates and candies, to prawn and crab fettuccini alfredo, there’s tons of canna cooking to be done.

3. Extracts Processor

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If you’ve ever hit a dab before, you know that’s not how it comes off the plant. Extracts are booming in the marijuana field and rightfully so. With new methods and better quality extracts the medicinal use for cannabis has grown ten fold.

Processing concentrates can require a background in chemistry to obtain work. Who knows, you might even discover the best process know to man yet!

 4. Courier and Delivery

cash jobsMany conditions that marijuana treats can be debilitating and leave may leave patients immobile. With couriers running around medicine, those worried about not making it to a dispensary will be saved.

Much like a pizza would get delivered to your house, we’ll soon have streets full of medicinal couriers.

5. Product Reviewers

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This may seem like one of the best jobs on this list, and well because it probably is. Reviewing cannabis products is a much needed service, with new strains arising daily. Every strain has a different profile, with different medical benefits held in each one. Strain review’s require heavily on extremely informed employees to pass on important information to patients.

6. Trimmer

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Those beautifully trimmed nugs you have in your stash weren’t always free of seeds, leaves, and stems. Trimmers carefully shape the buds, making them easy on the eyes to customers. Carefully working trimming away the excess leaves and stems, the trimmer will make sure the patient is getting the most for their money.

If you like tedious work that requires plenty attention to detail this job may be for you. One of the most common cash jobs in the field, trimming has become legitimate work.

7. Tourism

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In the same way people take tours of vineyards that produce wine, crops and extract labs have giant potential for tourism. Tour’s of marijuana production will help educate consumers and patients on the inner workings of growing marijuana.

This will also increase the demand for “Craft” cannabis products that weren’t available in the years past. Creating a market of high grade cannabis that could only be dreamt of before.

8. Budtender

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Heading into a dispensary can be a similar experience to a bar. So it only makes sense there are budtenders on deck to help you make decisions. Budtenders are very knowledgeable in the marijuana field and specifically the strains and products they carry.

A good bartender can and will keep guests coming back and turn them to regulars. Budtenders are the face’s of dispensaries and deserve credit for their success.

9. Administrationcash jobs

The backbone of any good business are the people that keep paperwork in order. From accounting to shipping, tracking, and receiving there’s a diverse range of background work needed to be done. With any new product or business model, marketing will be at a premium.

10. Webpage and Software Development

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With legal marketing coming to the front with marijuana, webpage and software development will be key. A clean and user friendly webpage can be what sets apart a successful start up from a flounder. Having proper software to keep all your inventory, accounting, and logistics in order is also very key. App development has taken a massive leap in recent years. Creating new technology that will help flourish the marijuana industry can be a great career that’s un tapped at the moment.

11. Shop Owner

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To open a retail marijuana shop may be a dream come true. Now you can make that dream into a reality. To open a shop of any variety isn’t easy, and just because lots of people will be consuming pot doesn’t make this any easier. A good business sense of mind is required and previous experience will be of benefit.

12. Farmer

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The marijuana plant is intriguing, being it will grow in almost any climate and temperature. Now even tho it may grow anywhere, to flourish and have an outstanding product is another story. Growing marijuana is very time consuming and requires lots of attention to detail.

The government of Canada will be fast tracking applications to become a licensed producer. This opens up an avenue for smaller, mom and pop shops to thrive. Large scale production will also be requiring tons of hands of deck. There wont be any shortage of work in this field.

13. Seed Cultivator

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Canadians will be allowed to grow up to 4 plants per home under Trudeau’s new legislation. This means patients and consumers will be growing cannabis at home more then ever. Having the proper seeds can make or break your home grow.

With such a diverse selection of cannabis strains, having a reputable seed cultivator is huge. Nobody wants to buy a pack of seeds and have the wrong strain or males tossed in there.

Find the Job that Works for You

The marijuana industry  has come a long way since the illegal, cash jobs market it was years ago. Careers in the pot field are flourishing with no end in sight. If you need a change of scenery, to a job that’s more fulfilling and enjoyable it may be the time to make the move. Early bird gets the worm!