With a Canada Post Strike almost inevitable, how will you acquire medication?

As of September 9th, postal workers nation-wide voted unanimously to go on strike if a new contract wasn’t settled with their government employer soon.

What was Canada Post’s response?

If you strike, we’ll lock you out.

That’s right – an employee lockout, which threatens even further with a more prolonged stoppage of Canada Post’s services, which according to recent data, lasts on average 150 days.

And the date when all this disruption is likely to take place? As soon as September 26th.

So, for medical cannabis users, who can only access their meds through mail-order means, this doesn’t bode well.

Simply because – who will deliver their medicine?

 canada post strike, canada post

Unregulated Dispensaries Will not go on Strike

Traditional unregulated dispensaries are the likely secondary source, some experts claim.

Even Jordan Sinclair, VP of Communications at Canopy Growth, Canada’s largest licensed producer, claims so –

“What ends up happening is that people either go without their medicine or they find an alternative source.”

That source again, is traditional unregulated dispensaries.

canada post strike, canada post

And, one of the main reasons why, is because secondary mail carriers like Purolator, along with private competitors, won’t be able to handle the extra demand received from Canada Post’s operations.

“There’s only so much secondary capacity”, Sinclair goes on to further say.

So, if you’re one of Canopy Growth’s 85,000 patients, or rather, one of Canada’s 300,000 patients, you’re likely on edge.

Because visiting a grey market dispensary in-person may have been the last option on your to-do list.

Luckily, we’re here to help – Canada Post Strike or not.

Whether it’s regulated or unregulated, in-person or online, here are some fundamental tips to help with your cannabis purchasing decisions.

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Buying In-store

If you choose the traditional route by buying at your local neighborhood dispensary, you might want to think twice.

Because, it’s usually more expensive than an online dispensary.

Not only that, your selection, from your favorite strains to your go-to concentrates, will literally be a fraction from what’s available online.

You see, having a traditional brick-and-mortar location comes with a lot of expenses.

There’s the cost of rent, employee salaries, office equipment and the like, which are further reflected into how a dispensary conducts business, from the price of products to the type of products available.

However, aside from the cost and availability issue, there are a few undeniable benefits.

Having to personally talk to store reps about various strains, as in receiving direct opinions and reviews, is one benefit to visiting a local dispensary.

Another is being able to feel, smell and take home instantly what you’ve exchanged for your money – a value that can’t be overlooked.

But in the bigger picture, do these over-ride the benefits of buying online?

Buying Online

canada post strike, canada post

It’s a given that if you purchase through mail-order, waiting times and the factor of not being able to physically touch, feel and smell what you’ve bought, must be considered.

Unfortunately, timing is something that can’t be solved by an online dispensary.

But the sense of touch, feel and smell can.

First, buying from a reputable and trusted online source can minimize your fears of not physically sensing what you’ve bought first hand, since many of them have strict return policies and controls they adhere to.

On top of this, these same online sources have a plethora of reviews and opinions to fall back on, if ever you’re unsure.

Such a variety of reviews and feedback can also help your cannabis purchasing journey a lot more than just a single in-person suggestion at a retail store can.

Not to mention online’s cheaper cost and number of cannabis-related products to choose from.

Decisions, decisions.

Having Trouble Making a Decision?

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