Think BC Cannabis Stores offer the most kush for your buck? Think again.

The legalization of cannabis in 2018 and further legislation surrounding the allowance and distribution of edibles, extracts, topicals and other products in 2019.

However, many Canadians aren’t thrilled that they can now enjoy their weed in peace without fear of prosecution. 

Many Canadian cannabis users believe that there are holes and lacklustre options for purchasing weed through government-certified retailers. 

For decades, Canada has been recognized, even before formal legalization, as a place that grows some of the best cannabis crops in the world.

BC bud, in particular, is held in exceptionally high and affectionate regard. 

Outside of the cannabis itself, Canada has also been home to many events and celebrations while possessing one of the most robust representations of the cannabis community worldwide.  

So, why are Canadians still dissatisfied with legal recreational and medicinal weed, and why are they opting to seek outside alternatives to products sold from government-owned and operated dispensaries?

Stick with us, and we’ll break it down for you. 

Why are Weed Users Opposed to Government Dispensaries?

herb approach vs bc cannabis stores

While weed legalization in Canada has evoked higher standards regarding weed quality, potency, and safety, the government has fallen flat in meeting the expectations. 

There is also an apparent disconnect between the government and regular cannabis users of all experience levels when it comes to issues regarding pricing, restrictions, and potencies of weed products. 

These factors have prompted large numbers of tokers to gravitate towards businesses operated by those who have already been serving the cannabis community for years and who know and understand the expectations of cannabis consumers. 

This portion of the cannabis market occupied by non-government businesses is often referred to as the “gray market.” 

Outrageous Pricing

Specifically, pricing is one of the most significant contention points for blazers, and there is evidence to back up their concerns. 

In a report published in January 2020 by Statistics Canada, one gram of weed purchased through government-operated retailers runs for $10.30, while other cannabis dispensaries offer the same amount for as low as $5.73. 

In other words, you can buy a gram of bud from a cannabis dispensary for just over half the price of government retailers. 

You don’t have to be an Albert Einstein level genius to do that math!

On top of that, you’re not even getting the best bang for your buck if you do choose to go the government route.

With the current restrictions surrounding cannabis products, users with higher tolerance levels or who require higher THC levels for medicinal reasons are sadly out of luck. 

Poor Potency Products at BC Cannabis Stores

According to Canada’s Cannabis 2.0 legislation, Canada edibles can only contain 10mg of THC per package. 

With such low potencyy, it’s no wonder that many choose to take their business elsewhere. 

For a large portion of consumers, 10 mg simply isn’t potent enough to be worthwhile. 

Even if you choose to purchase from a government cannabis dispensary, there is no guarantee that they will have the items you are looking for. 

BC Cannabis Stores Lack Variety

With so many different products available on the cannabis market today, including edibles, tinctures, topicals, capsules and more, tokers have more variety than ever for ways to enjoy their favourite plant. 

Still, most government dispensaries possess such low numbers of available products that weed consumers have no other option than to seek other alternatives through non-government retailers. 

And that’s precisely what they’re doing. 

What’s the Solution? How to Get the Best Value on All Things Cannabis

bc cannabis stores vs herb approach benefits

Because of the reasons outlined above, government-operated dispensaries have missed the mark for understanding the average weed consumer and why they lack customer loyalty. 

So, what can you do if you want to get the most for your money without sacrificing potency? 

Enter MOMs. 

Mail-order Marijuana services, also known as MOMs, are dispensaries that allow weed enthusiasts to buy weed online, whether in the form of edibles, concentrates such as THC oil, or regular dry Indica flower or Sativa.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what is the advantage of going with a MOM online dispensary instead of a government-operated cannabis dispensary? 

Don’t worry. We’re getting to that. 

Using the examples of online dispensary Canada, Herb Approach, and BC Cannabis Stores, a government-operated dispensary, we will determine why using a MOM to purchase Canada edibles, indica flower, BC Bud, and everything in between is the way to go! 

BC Cannabis Stores vs Herb Approach 

At face value, BC Cannabis Stores and Herb Approach are both cannabis dispensaries that allow users to purchase various weed products ranging from flower, including BC Bud, to edibles, concentrates and accessories, such as vape pens. 

Both their websites that are straightforward and easy to navigate, clearly outlining the available products for sale and prices, allowing users to efficiently and accurately plan out their purchase. 

Either way, whichever retailer you choose, you will likely find a few options for your weed needs. 

However, there is certainly one business that sets itself apart regarding customer service and deals. 

Still, before we disclose who that is, we’ll outline what each dispensary has to offer. 

Product Variety 

As we said before, both BC Cannabis Stores and Herb Approach offer a vast assortment of options for cannabis products to choose from, including concentrates, regular flower, accessories and edibles

In fact, when it comes to government-owned and operated dispensaries, BC Cannabis Stores is one of the better ones for product variety. 

However, BC Cannabis does leave something to be desired when it comes to more potent products, such as THC oil, tinctures, and edibles. This hang-up is where the downside of legal cannabis restrictions comes into play. 

Since the government instituted that Canada edibles can only contain 10 mg of THC, it severely limits the types of edibles that a dispensary, like BC Cannabis Stores, can sell. The same goes for THC levels legally permitted in tinctures, which is capped at 400 mg of THC.  

In this way, Herb Approach is the better option. It allows weed lovers to purchase edibles with as high concentrations as 900 mg THC per package and THC oil with as much as 500 mg THC per package.  

bc cannabis stores edibles options

In terms of options for topical cannabis products, both Herb Approach and BC Cannabis offer items. 

However, Herb Approach extends beyond creams and lotions to lip balms, tattoo aftercare, and even bath bombs and body scrub, none of which BC Cannabis Stores offers. 

Casual tokers might not ever need weed bath bombs or creams, but it’s certainly nice to have the freedom to choose! Who knows, there might come a time when you’ll need some cannabis topicals to help recover after a long day at work!


It’s not unreasonable to pay a little extra for quality green, but there is no real excuse for paying a higher price at a government dispensary than you would at an MOM, like Herb Approach, for the same amount of THC. 

As we said before, even if you choose to go the government route for buying your bud, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best bang for your buck. 

dank weed deals

This point clearly comes into play when purchasing items such as edibles, where the 10 mg ruling rears its ugly head yet again. 

At BC Cannabis, regardless of the type of edible you choose, the highest concentration of THC you will get is 10 mg.

Even with the cheapest option for, say, gummies, at $4.99 for a package of four, you are still only getting 10 mg of THC in total. 

herb aproach edibles

Alternatively, if you were to buy edibles online through Herb Approach, for one of the cheapest options of $8 for the same number of gummies, you can get 80 mg of THC.

So, even though you are paying a few dollars extra, you will receive 5 times the potency per pack!  

Again, you don’t need to be a member of Mensa to do that math. 

Exclusive Deals & Offerings 

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and splurging for high-quality products, but hey, who doesn’t like a good bargain?

Herb Approach shines the brightest in the various ways that it entices and keeps customers engaged by consistently providing unique offerings and flash deals. The online dispensary Canada offers daily and weekly deals that present heavy discounts compared to conventional government retailers. 

In fact, one of the first things that you’ll see when visiting the Herb Approach website is the various discounts and sales that are currently available, making it a strong contender for getting the most for your money. 

Although BC Cannabis Stores dedicates a section of its website to featured products, it’s purpose is more to outline items that are back in stock or new to the store instead of providing any deals or discounts. 

bc cannabis stores vs herb approach deals

Herb Approach also features a free gift tier system when users spend a certain amount, with free gifts provided for purchases of $300, $400, $500, $750 and $999. While these may sound like large numbers, with consistent deals and discounts, it won’t take long to qualify for these gifts. 

BC Cannabis Stores vs Herb Approach – Where to Get the Most Bang for Your Bud

After reviewing both dispensaries’ pros and cons, it is evident that when it comes to product variety, pricing, and the number of discounts and deals, Herb Approach is the superior location to order weed online

That said, BC Cannabis Stores is one of the more promising options regarding product variety should you wish to pursue purchasing from a government-operated retailer. 

Still, it lacks the bargains and regular deals that many tokers are attracted to that keep them returning time and time again. 

So, for tokers looking to get the most bang for their buck, our vote this time around goes to Herb Approach. 

Happy blazing!