Cannabis is an amazing plant, with so many amazing health benefits for us and ways of consuming it. That said, smoking marijuana isn’t the only way to obtain the life-changing effects of this herb. The consumption of cannabis has come a long way since pipe and bong, and smoking may not be an option for those with serious health issues.

With new technology comes improved ways of living our lives, and that’s no different in the cannabis industry. Let’s take a look at some alternative options for consuming marijuana.


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What used to be a strictly at-home method, vaporizing is one of the most preferred ways to get your cannabis intake. Vaporizing doesn’t combust the plant material. Instead, it heats the compounds just enough to activate. This removes the need to smoke unnecessary matter when your lungs aren’t capable of it.

Hand-held vaporizers are readily available and very discreet at the same time. Allowing patients to have a portable option all day for their convenience. There are many different styles including distillate, Co2, BHO, disposables, and refillable vaporizers. The tabletop vape, mostly seen as volcanoes are around still but aren’t as popular these days.


A lesser-known cannabis product but highly effective are tinctures. A tincture is an infused liquid that is processed through an alcohol bath. This allows the cannabinoids to enter your blood immediately and allow for fast-acting response time.

The accuracy, flavour, and variety of methods to consume the tinctures are a reason some only go for their magic. You can apply a drop right under your tongue or add to food, drinks, and coffee.


Ingesting cannabis orally after it’s been infused into butter or oil in food form is delicious. You can make virtually any recipe that calls for butter or oil and replace it with some cannabutter. Giving you the ability to enhance any meal ten fold.

Coming with a strong, onset body buzz, edibles are perfect for patients with pains and aches that love cooking.


If you’ve ever hit a dab then you know these pack a powerful punch. Using a cannabis extraction and flash vaporizing that sucker will bring you a great high without having to smoke any trees and experiencing side effects.

To “hit a dab” involves heating a metal or glass “nail” that more or less is a bowl, with a flame or outlet powered source. This vaporizes the extract in an instant, and like red, red wine, it goes straight to your head.


Using topicals is great if you suffer from inflammation, pain, soreness, and want to smell great. A huge variety is available, ranging from lotions, balms, coconut oil, and many more. A bonus for those who want strictly medicinal effects is topicals do not produce a psychoactive effect.

Find what fits best your lifestyle and needs you have when consuming cannabis. There’s a product for anyone and everyone!